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There is no hard sell here, click on the course icons below for more information about each course. YES, you get instant access to everything listed. This is a yearly SUBSCRIPTION but after each year you are granted a course (of your choice) to keep permanently. Scroll down for the amazing price, this SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP really is great value for money!

The Equiculture Course

The full Equiculture Course

This course will transform how you keep your horses.

The Horse Riders Mechanic Course

The Horse Riders Mechanic Course

This course will transform how you ride.

How to develop an online equine business

Start your own Equine Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

The Equiculture books

The seven Equiculture books

As PDFs with the option to upgrade to paperbacks at a discounted price.

The facebook course banners

The private Facebook groups that go with each course

Equiculture app header

There is also an app so that you can learn on the go

Equiculture Membership Pricing options - £ or $ or €



  £97 GBP each yearFlag: United Kingdom on Facebook 2.0

Flag: European Union on Facebook 2.0  €112 EUR each year

Flag: United States on Facebook 2.0  $137 USD each year

Flag: Australia on Facebook 2.0  $177 AUD each year

You can self cancel anytime, no questions asked.

You get:

  • The Equiculture Course.
  • The Horse Riders Mechanic Course.
  • The How to Develop an Online Equine Business Course.
  • The 3 Equicentral System books, the 2 Horse Riders Mechanic books, the Buying a Horse Property book and the A Horse is a Horse - of Course book - as PDFs (you will be offered them as paperbacks for a substantial discount at check out).
  • Membership of the private Equiculture Central course Facebook group.
  • Membership of the private Horse Riders Mechanic course Facebook group.
  • Membership of the private How to Develop an Online Equine Business course Facebook group.
  • A mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • Access to new courses as we develop them.
  • You will be granted a course (of your choice) to keep permanently at the start of year two and so on.

Pay in British Pounds

Pay in Euros

Pay in US Dollars

Pay in Aus Dollars

The total VALUE of this MEMBERSHIP is

(if you were to purchase the three courses outright separately):

The Equiculture Course plus the Horse Riders Mechanic Course plus the How to Develop an Online Equine Business Course:

  £199  +   £69  +  £97      =  £365 GBPFlag: United Kingdom on Facebook 2.0

Flag: United States on Facebook 2.0  $249  +  $96  +  $120    =  $465 USD

Flag: Australia on Facebook 2.0  $389  + $122  + $185    =  $696 AUD

Flag: European Union on Facebook 2.0  €228  +  €79  +  €110    =  €417 EUR

Read what others have to say about us...

Judith Leeson - SA - Australia - ''So happy to be a part of Equiculture Central, as a former horse owner and current enthusiast for evidence-based horse care and welfare. Member of the Management Committee of Horse SA, with a deep interest in horse-centred practice, applying contemporary research to horse - human transactions, interventions, provisions and education, and the effects of the Social Licence to Operate. I read every post and am delighted with how members share their experiences and expertise with each other across continents in the most respectful and inclusive way.

Jane and Stuart have inspired and guided us all to a deeper understanding of how we can own and keep horses sustainably and with their best interests at the forefront of our thinking.

In everything we do and say we are their advocates and can give them a voice, which can be more powerful than social media chatter and virtue signalling.

I believe that Equiculture Central can be a beacon of hope for the continuation of horse keeping in urban, rural and regional areas, where there are enormous negative pressures from land developers, and economic rationalists.

Thank you Jane and Stuart for the privilege of membership, and members for inspiring me with confidence and hope.''

Joanne Cooke - UK - ''... I like to support people who are trying to make positive change in the world. However my expectations of what I get for my money have been massively exceeded. You get loads of really great stuff. Far more than I thought. I'm loving working through the course and learning loads even though I've been running an Equicentral style System myself for 5 years. Look at it as the equivalent of a set of books on the subject. Well worth the money and highly recommended.''

Fra Atyeo - Victoria - Australia - ''Dear Jane and Stuart, your passion for horse welfare and landcare is helping thousands of horse owners and riders across the globe. I've got many of your books on riding, some must be near 20 years old now!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of a seminar in Victoria about eight years ago where you attended my property to discuss The Equicentral System with the local equine landcare group, and now I am enjoying learning how to ride again with The Horse Rider's Mechanic course!

Thank you for all your efforts in research and for sharing the information in an easy-to-understand format. I LOVE your work!!!

I highly recommend to any horse owner or rider to invest in learning more about The Equicentral System or Horse Rider's Mechanic.''

Mandy Kelly - Durham - UK - ''I've signed up for the new (membership) group and I am looking forward to the new learning approach. I work fulltime and spend every second I have with my herd so find it difficult to concentrate and dedicate time to reading through the information you can find online. Starting the course put everything in 1 place which was great, now having the new group will not only have everything together but will give me specific learning sessions so I can plan and follow through with specific tasks. I joined Equicentral as I wanted my land and herd to work with nature. I wanted to encourage correct grasses to grow, wildflower meadows, wooded areas and most of all encourage the wildlife to come back to our bare grazing land. I am 6 months in and have 2 paddocks looking lovely and full of wildlife already this spring :)''

YES! I am ready to sign up...

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