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The Horse Rider's Mechanic

'Brilliantly Simple - Simply Brilliant!'

A toolkit to rapidly improve your riding skills, improve your confidence and make your horse more relaxed!

Here's a question for you:

Have you ever wondered what the biggest difference is between people who ride well and have a happy, willing horse...

...and people who struggle to ride well and seem to create a never ending cycle of frustration for themselves and their horse?

In fact, riding more and having more lessons can do more harm than good - because unless you are practising 'doing it right' you are just getting better at 'doing it wrong'!

Plus you can have the 'best physique' and the 'best horse' in the world but if you are riding incorrectly this will not help you - and you will, sooner or later, harm your horse! 

Does this sound familiar?

The more you try the worse your riding seems to become...

The longer you keep trying to correct things the more you upset your horse...

Some of your riding friends seem to be forging ahead while you seem to be getting nowhere...

You sometimes feel like giving up because you and your horse don't seem to be having much fun any more!

You feel pain and discomfort when you are riding!

Things are not going to plan and you are feeling frustrated, disappointed and exhausted...

Isn't it time you stopped...

Making excuses because you no longer want to ride...

'Beating yourself up' because you don't seem to be able to improve...

Feeling so discouraged because what was once an enjoyable passion is now just too difficult...

Getting frustrated with your horse when you know it is not their fault...

Living in fear of what damage you are doing to your horse because you know you are not riding well...

I am ready to be shown how to change....

Start getting the results you deserve for all your effort, hard work and expense!

Here are the exact tools you need to move from frustrated to happy...

By addressing rider problems...

Such as 1. A loss or lack of confidence. 2. An inability to move with your horse correctly. 3. Pain/discomfort when riding - usually from previous injuries, sometimes simply from incorrect position, balance, gear or even previous instruction. Developing 'independent seat' addresses these problems and is therefore vital. The Horse Rider's Mechanic shows you how to develop yours!

By improving your riding position...

The first building block to being a better rider. You need to be able to arrange the various parts your body in such a way that you are in alignment and you are as easy as possible for your horse to carry. Good position is not just about 'sitting pretty' though, it is about - among other things - utilising gravity to help you to stay put! This is the start of developing an independent seat!

By improving your riding balance...

The second building block to being a better rider. Your balance can only improve when your body is in the correct alignment. Then you are in a position to be able to carry out specific exercises that are designed to rapidly improve your balance. This is done in a step wise manner. Your horse, in turn, feels your better balance and goes better - an ever increasing upwards spiral!



The only toolkit created that takes care of the fundamental issues that hold you back as a rider

A series of lessons (written and videos) and articles. Plus membership of an exclusive online community group where you can take part in guided learning and get even more help!

The course and the guided learning that goes with it teaches you - in a step wise manner - how to rapidly improve your riding, reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Say no more - I'm in!


Pursue your passion. Imagine how good it would feel to be able to ride with more finesse?

Have fun again. Imagine how it will feel to have fun again - remember why you stated riding in the first place? Recapture that feeling!

Get your (riding) life back. Imagine the feeling of having the knowledge to understand why things go wrong and having the solutions at your fingertips?

Make your horse more relaxed. Imagine how good it will feel to know that you are no longer creating resistance in your horse and unravelling their training?

Vastly improve your riding. You will be able to do this either by yourself - in your own time - or with the help of a friend

The Horse Rider's Mechanic course includes:

Six information packed modules

Six modules that take you step by step through a process of improving you position and your balance. Learn in your own time but by following the system you WILL vastly improve your riding.

50 position problem solutions

Starting with your feet you are taken through each body part in turn. Each area of your body goes through a thorough check up and solutions are given if that area is not correct. This step-wise method is very thorough.

18 balance improvement lessons

Starting with the walk, each pace has several lessons to work though that will rapidly increase your balance. Each lesson builds on what you learned in the previous lesson. You will be amazed at how well this works!

A combination of videos and written materials with lots and lots of diagrams and photos

Each important point is described and shown so that no matter what your preferred learning style you will easily take it all in.

Numerous supplementary articles and videos to help you learn even more

Extra information that supports the main subjects to help you and your horse improve and grow your partnership together.

An online interactive group where you will receive GUIDED LEARNING and you can ask questions

This online private group is where the GUIDED LEARNING for this course takes place. Be there or be square!

... and there is a mobile app so that you can learn 'on the move'...

Horse Rider's Mechanic Testimonials

"What I love most about The Horse Rider's Mechanic System of riding (and teaching) is that it breaks what can be complex issues down into bite sized pieces and teaches you step by step what you really need to know."

Kitty Jones (USA)

"Jane has revolutionised my riding, plus many others that have attended clinics at my property 'The B B Ranch'. She just has such a great way of explaining to riders, both inexperienced and advanced alike."

Bibi Liati (AUS)

"The Horse Rider's Mechanic System has made a huge difference to my relationship with my horse Milly. I have ridden all my life but Jane showed me how to fix some fundamental problems that were blocking our progression."

Linda Galpin (UK)

It's time to become a better rider!

I'm ready - make me a better rider!


You are fed up with spending money on lessons and feeling like you are not getting anywhere...

This is a very common problem - most instructors are not trained in how to teach position and balance and tend to concentrate on the horse rather than the rider - when you sort the fundamental issues out you will be able to carry on with your regular instructor and make better progress.

You already have a good instructor but there are certain issues that they and you are struggling with...

This course will complement the teachings of a good instructor rather than replace them.

You used to ride well as a child but you are now finding it much more difficult as an adult...

Again, a common problem, there are many reasons why adults sometimes find it difficult to ride as well as they did when younger - particularly if they have a long break, once you understand the reasons and solutions you can start to improve! 

You are just starting out and you are feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting information that is out there...

There is so much conflicting information out there (on the internet in particular), some good, some bad. If you are new to riding you may be being told all the wrong information - make sure this is not you!

You have previous injuries/body issues that are causing you problems when you ride...

Past injuries and actual disabilities can hold you back, but mainly because you have not been shown how to get around them. No one has a 'perfect body' - it is all about learning how to maximise what you have!

You teach others and you need solutions to their position and balance problems...

A huge number of my clients are people who teach, as mentioned earlier, these subjects are not usually taught as part of regular riding coach education, give yourself a leg up and get ahead of the game!



"Finding Jane was a turning point for me, before that I literally struggled for years - tying myself in knots - trying to do what I thought was the right thing. Jane's instruction certainly put me on the right track and fast. "

Susan Reynolds - AUS

Are you really ready to start getting the results you want?

Yes I am!!!

Meet The Horse Rider's Mechanic...

My teaching system has developed over many years. I have always been interested in how to improve the rider so that they can help their horse. I have had many, many influences over the years and I have taught riders of various levels - from complete beginners to very experienced competition riders - both in the UK and Australia.

I particularly enjoy teaching people who have lost confidence, people who are returning to riding after a long break and people who have physical issues that need to be worked around.

I believe that all learning should be enjoyable and fun. As much as is possible, learning to ride - or improving your riding - should not be complicated. My aim is to always explain what I mean in the simplest way possible.

Please take the time to read the testimonials on this page – these are just a sample of what I have received over the years.

I hope you let me help you in your quest to ride as well as you can.

Say no more - I'm in!

"I got back to riding after a long break (to have a family) and was very disappointed with how much harder it seemed to be now that my body had changed somewhat. Jane help me to understand and to work with those changes rather than against them. Such a revelation!"

Petra Wilds - UK

Do you want to be finally rewarded for all your efforts?

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The course includes:

  • The 6 course modules (written lessons and videos).
  • Both HRM Workbooks (PDFs or Paperbacks - your choice).
  • Membership of the exclusive HRM online community group where you will recieve GUIDED LEARNING and where you can discuss your own riding issues/post photos and/or videos.
  • Assessments for each module.
  • Mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied! We stand behind our products and we are only happy if you are happy!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Horse Riders Mechanic online course...

New and experienced riders, riders that have reached a 'road block, (sitting trot for example is a common road block), riders with old injuries, riders with actual disabilities, returning riders (after a long break for a career and/or to have a family). Pretty much anyone who rides and/or teaches other riders!

The reason this list is so long is because this information is not available elsewhere, so you are very unlikely to have come across it before. It is a very fresh approach that is the result of my many years of teaching riders of all levels.

Riders that already have fantastic position and balance - however, even the best riders will learn new ways of explaining things to their clients if they teach.

In fact, the best riders often have the most problem with explaining how they ride, because to them it is relatively easy. This is because they ride without having to think about what they are doing and therefore find it hard to explain to other riders.

So learning how to explain it can be a good idea!

I have had many very experienced riders in my clinics over the years that have gained a LOT of knowledge from my fresh approach!

There are 6 modules which contain a total of 50 position checks and solutions plus 18 lessons. Of course, every rider is different but it will take some time to read the material and them some time to carry out the checks and the lessons.

The modules follow a logical sequence each one building on the last, this course literally has you covered from head to toe!

Allow a couple of hours each week and you should get through the course in a few months.

However, it is best not to think of it as having an end date, you would be better off dipping back in on a regular basis to check for updates and additions and to run through the checks and lessons again.

How does instantly sound? As soon as you click the button to enroll, I’ll be in your inbox with your login info so you can hop immediately into The Horse Rider's Mechanic Course.

Once in there you will also see a link to the exclusive online community group, so you can jump inside and begin chatting with like-minded go-getters, see what’s working for them, and ask me any questions you may have.

Absolutely! There is so much you can be doing right now that will help you to ride much better when you do eventually get your own horse. Or if you never end up owning your own horse, any horse you do ride in the future will benefit hugely from what you learn on this course!

Regardless of the type of riding that you do (Dressage, Western, 'Natural Horsemanship', 'pleasure riding', 'happy hacker' etc. etc. the fundamentals are the same. You need to have a stable, balanced and independent seat. So don't worry, The Horse Rider's Mechanic course is for you!

This course does not offer one-on-one coaching with myself - Jane Myers (AKA The Horse Rider's Mechanic). However, you do get access to my expertise in the exclusive online community group where I can answer your questions - you can post photos and videos in there too.

The Horse Rider's Mechanic course is a single purchase download. This means that it is a one person per course. I am thrilled you are excited about this course and love that you want to share it, but everyone needs to purchase their own materials.

I would love to talk to you!

Send any questions not found here to [email protected] I want to make sure you make the best decision possible.


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