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The Equicentral System Books

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Book 1 - Horse Ownership, Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical.

Learn essential information about horse care and welfare. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best horsekeeping and management practices choices.

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Book 2 - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses.

In-depth information about horses, pasture, grazing, management and more, often called the bible of horsekeeping - this book has helped thousands of horses and their owners worldwide!

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Book 3 - Horse Property Planning and Development.

Learn how to create a horse property that will work for you, your horses and the environment. This book has revolutionised horse properties worldwide and has saved many people a lot of money!

The Equiculture 3 book set

Get the books that have revolutionised horse and land management

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More about these books

These books are a bang up-to-date approach to horse and pasture/land management. They are written by Stuart and Jane Myers (MSc Equine Science) - international speakers on the subject of Sustainable Horsekeeping and recipients of a Churchill Fellowship in 2012.

Stuart and Jane Myers are world-renowned horse property, pasture management, equine grazing behaviour and ethical horse management specialists. Their approach includes Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture and Rewilding concepts

Stuart and Jane show you how to keep your horse/s in a way that encompasses equine welfare and sound land management. This ONE WELFARE approach also considers your lifestyle, which is essential for successful Sustainable Horsekeeping.

Horsekeeping has changed dramatically in the last 30 to 40 years, and many new challenges face contemporary horse owners.

Do yourself, your horses, and the land a favour and read these books!

The Equicentral System book 1

Learn about the history of horse ownership, horse behaviour and welfare, their needs, preferred lifestyle and an alternative management system

In The Equicentral System Book 1 - Horse Ownership: Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical you will learn about:

How traditional horsekeeping practices developed / Issues for modern horse owners / Horse health and welfare concerns / The human factors / Horse overpopulation issues / Land degradation issues / The way forward / Sustainable horsekeeping

Horse behaviour, welfare and lifestyle / Naturally /living v domestic /living horses / The herd behaviour of horses / The grazing behaviour of horses / The pastured behaviour of domestic horses / Recognising stress in domestic horses / Enrichment for domestic horses

Pasture/grazing management (a simplified version of the more in /depth information in book 2) Pasture plants and grazing animals / Grazing systems / Basic pasture maintenance / Putting it all together

The Equicentral System / How The Equicentral System works / The Equicentral System benefits / Implementing The Equicentral System / Management solutions

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The Equicentral System book 2

If you own/manage horses you need to understand pasture. Buy the book that will turn you into a 'grass farmer' for horses!

In The Equicentral System Book 2 - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses you will learn about:

Horses and pasture / The benefits of pasture / The importance of biodiversity / Pasture plants in their natural environment / Pasture plant characteristics / What to aim for / Misinformation about horses and pasture / What horses actually need / The importance of healthy pasture plants / Nutritional problems with pasture / Creating suitable pasture

Horses and land degradation / Weeds / Turning land degradation around / Mulching (using hay and other materials) / Creating swales

The importance of surfaced holding yards / 'Sacrifice areas'

Grazing management / Stocking rates / Grazing management systems / Set-stocking / Rotational grazing / Limited grazing / Strip grazing / Cross grazing / Soil, pasture and grazing management / Understanding soil

Horses and manure / The 'dunging behaviour' of horses / 'Horse-sick' pasture / Manure management strategies / Managing pasture manure and parasitic worms / Dung beetles and other insects / Picking up manure in paddocks / Managing collected manure / Chickens and horses / Using improved manure / Managing surplus manure

Pasture maintenance / Mowing / Harrowing / Conserving pasture / 'Foggage' ('standing hay')

Horses and water / Water as part of the natural system / The Riparian Zone / The next stage / Horses can damage this natural system / Creating and caring for a riparian zone / Conserving water / Water problems / Impure water / Sources of water / Mains water / Well (bore) water / Natural spring water / Streams and rivers / Storage of water / Water storage tanks / Farm dams (ponds/lakes) / Using water / Reticulating water / Irrigation / Planning for clean water

Horses and vegetation / Some of the benefits of trees and bushes / Trees and bushes as habitat for wildlife / Fodder trees and bushes / Windbreaks and firebreaks / Revegetation of steeper land / Easy areas to increase vegetation / Buying and planting / Protecting vegetation from horses / Poisonous trees and plants / A word about lawn mower clippings

Appendix: The Equicentral System / How The Equicentral System works / Additional information / The Equicentral System in practice / The Equicentral System benefits / Horse health/welfare benefits/ Time saving benefits / Cost saving benefits / Safety benefits / Land/environmental management benefits / Public perception benefits / Manure and parasitic worm management benefits / Implementing The Equicentral System / On your own land / On small areas of land / On large areas of land / In different climates / Using existing facilities / On land that you lease / On a livery yard (boarding/agistment facility) / With single horses in 'private paddocks' / Starting from scratch / Minimising laneways / Temporary laneways / Constructing a holding area / Constructing a shade/shelter / Fencing considerations / Management solutions / Feeding confined horses / Changing a horse to 'ad-lib' feeding / Ideas for extra exercise / Introducing horses to herd living / The Equicentral System - in conclusion

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The Equicentral System book 3

A horse property is probably the most expensive asset you will ever own - make sure you invest in the correct information!

In The Equicentral System Book 3 - Horse Property Planning and Development you will learn about:

Horse housing/holding facilities /Surfaced holding yards / Shade and shelter / Stables

Fences and gates /Fence and gateway safety / Fence visibility / Fence dimensions / Fence types / Droppers/battens/stays / Gates and gateways

Riding arenas and training yards /Do you really need one? / Can this area be multi /purpose? / Riding arena, training yard or both? / Indoor or outdoor? / All /weather surface size and shape / Base and surface / Fencing your all /weather surface / All /weather surface lights / All /weather surface maintenance

Horse facility planning /Making a plan / Planning horse property infrastructure

Appendix: The Equicentral System / How The Equicentral System works / The Equicentral System benefits / Implementing The Equicentral System / Management solutions

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