The Equicentral System:

For the health and wellbeing of your horses...

...and the land...

Learn how...

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This page explains how The Equicentral System works to create the best possible 'lifestyle' for you and your horses and creates huge benefits for THE Environment, all at the same time...

In fact, there are various ways you can learn more about The Equicentral System - you can read this page (keep scrolling down), or you can listen to our podcasts or you can watch videos by signing up for the free mini-course.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Reduce your 'bought in' feed costs?
  • Reduce those time-consuming routines that leave you little time to enjoy your horse/s?
  • Improve your horse's 'lifestyle'?
  • Improve how your land looks, reduce mud/dust/weeds etc?
  • Become a good land custodian.

The land that your horse lives on does not have to look like this... or this...

Equiculture poor pasture 1
Equiculture poor pasture 2

There are alternatives...

The Equicentral System is a way of managing your horses, and the land they live on, in a SUSTAINABLE way.

It strives to save time, money and effort, and it increases the health and 'wellbeing' of your horses. It also improves their pasture, and has big benefits for the wider environment - a true win-win-win scenario.

Why should we change from what we have always done?

  • The way that many people currently keep their horses, and manage their land, is not SUSTAINABLE.
  • This means owners are often spending money on the wrong things and creating an unnecessary workload for themselves.
  • Not to mention creating land management issues such as mud/dust and weeds.
  • They are also missing out on the benefits that come with better environmental management.
  • These issues tend to get progressively worse each year.

Just as importantly, traditional horsekeeping was developed for humans not horses and can be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing. It is time to to look at a better way that harnesses the power of nature.

So what is the alternative?

The Equicentral System works by utilising the natural and domesticated behaviour of horses to benefit them, the land and of course their owners.

We (Jane and Stuart Myers - Equiculture) are the founders of The Equicentral System. We have studied horse grazing behaviour extensively, including the research that I (Jane) carried out as part of my Masters in Equine Science (MSc Equine) at Edinburgh University (The Royal Dick Veterinary School). We have owned and managed large numbers of horses during our careers in both the UK and Australia.

The Equicentral System combines good (progressive) land management practices with equine welfare and their natural behaviours. This creates healthy ‘happy’ pasture and healthy ‘happy’ horses. If that sounds complicated, don't worry it isn't. In fact, once established, it becomes easier and easier to manage your horses and the land they live on because you are working with natural systems rather than against them.

By understanding horse behaviour, particularly their grazing behaviour, horse/land management becomes much simpler. Once you understand the relationship between horse welfare and their health, pasture health and soil health, and how to balance these, you will be amazed at the benefits. It is not always a quick fix, but things usually start to turn around quite quickly. Each year, as the land becomes healthier, so do your horses. The Equicentral System becomes easier and easier to implement as time goes on.

The Equicentral System works on a continuous cycle of improvement, whereas most other systems of horse management are at best just maintenance. But more often they are not even that. Think about how most horse properties have increasingly degraded land (more mud/dust and weeds, more feed expenses etc.). Once you become aware of the possibilities and become an 'Equicentric' you will never look at a horse property in the same way again.

If you cannot implement everything we suggest immediately, don’t worry, even a 10% improvement per year is a positive step. If you can repeat this level of improvement every year imagine where you will be in a few years time!

Here are just some of the benefits of using an Equicentral System to manage your horses and your land:

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Read what people have to say about The Equicentral System...

Mary Brown - UK

'The Equicentral System simply blew my mind when I first came across it. Now that I understand it, and all of its benefits, I wish I had found out about much sooner. It encompasses everything I have always dreamt about for my perfect 'equine lifestyle'. I now have happy, healthy horses and that gives me great pleasure.'

Rena Jones - AUS

'I just love how something that is great for my horse's wellbeing, is also great for the environment, and saves me time and money! Jane and Stuart Myers are just brilliant for sharing this information. I bought the course last year and have not looked back since. The Facebook group that goes with it is just another (brilliant) bonus to becoming an ‘Equicentric’.

Erica Symonds - USA

‘I love how this approach takes the 'natural' behavior of horses and uses that to create a system of management that is as natural as possible for domestic horses. Pure genius. Jane and Stuart know their stuff and are really brilliant at teaching others, true pioneers. I tell everyone who will listen all about them and The Equicentral System.'

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Cleo Collins - UK

The damage/stress we cause to our horses by micro-managing every aspect of their lives! It's not until you give them freedom of choice that you realise how restrictive and contrived their previous existence was. A real eye opener when they suddenly become relaxed/happy and all you've done is allow them to decide what they do and when.

Karen Shaw - USA

Keeping horses in this practical way has done wonders for my horses and my land, it has left me feeling really good about what I am doing. I just love all the fabulous, practical information. I keep telling all of my friends about The Equicentral System hoping that they will take up this management system as well.

Jan Woods - AUS

I was unwittingly 'micromanaging' my horses for many years - and their health and the land they live on was getting worse every year. Then I discovered The Equicentral System and we have not looked back since. Why, oh why, do us humans always think we know better than nature? I just love this system of management.

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