We teach horse owners how to manage their land...

...in a way that is good for: HORSES - by improving their welfare. PEOPLE - by saving them time and money. The ENVIRONMENT - by improving biodiversity & soil, creating habitat for wildlife, etc. A true win-win-win.

You can learn via our books, online courses, face-to-face talks or consultations.

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Do you have horses, and they live on the land, either some or all of the time?

Managing land for horses can be complicated. There is a lot of conflicting information out there.

Do you wish you didn't have to:

  • Worry about how to grow safe, healthy pasture - pasture that will not make your horse/s fat.
  • Deal with the misery of mud when it's wet. Or dust when it's dry.
  • Spend hours doing management chores that leave you no 'quality time' with your horse/s.
  • Be upset about the reduced biodiversity, poor soil conditions and lack of wildlife on your land.
  • Be concerned about spending money on the wrong things when you know you could be spending it on the things that matter.

You can learn how to keep horses in a better way. A way that's good for them, you, and the environment.

In short you can easily learn how to manage horses and the land they live on.

Start to live your equine dream...

At Equiculture, we teach you how to manage horses, pasture and land like a boss

Learn how confidently make the right decisions that will improve the life of your horse/s and you.

Even if you do not own the land.

As a bonus, the wider environment will also get a big helping hand.

Would you like a better 'equine lifestyle'?

Equiculture the equine dream
Start our free mini-course straight away...

Why should you trust the advice we give?

  • We are qualified and experienced. We are Churchill Fellowship recipients and have numerous equine qualifications, including an MSc in Equine Science (grazing behaviour). 
  • We have taught horse owners/managers for over 40 years.
  • We have a lifetime of horse management and ownership. We have managed and owned a large number of horses, in various counties/climates, on our own land and also on other people's land.
  • We have gone through droughts, hay shortages, floods and fires. You name it, and we have been there.
  • We have learned from some of the best Natural Resource Managers in the world. We have added this information to our background and extensive research into Equine Grazing Behaviour.
  • We have drawn from concepts such as Permaculture, Regenerative Farming, Rewilding (with large herbivores), Natural Sequence Farming etc.
  • We have developed an alternative and innovative approach to managing horses and the land (horse pasture management).
  • This approach works in any climate. We now have an extensive worldwide following.


Equiculture event

Here are the various ways we can help you:

Our clients often call these books 'the bible of horses and land management', available as PDFs or paperbacks.

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The full Equiculture course. A very comprehensive learning experience; it includes an amazing support group.

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This includes all of our books, courses and groups. You can pay monthly or yearly and cancel anytime. 

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We hold face-to-face talks in the UK and Aus, (sometimes other countries). Often funded by Environmental agencies (Natural England, Landcare (Aus) etc.)

Learn more...

Most people have a very clear path once they have read the books or done the course, but If you need more help you can chat to us about the options.

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There are lots of free resources on this website - starting with the blog - you can find everything there. We also have podcasts.

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We hope you choose to join us and discover a better way to keep horses and manage land

A way that allows them to carry out most of their natural behaviours. And gives them choices too.

A way that is less stressful for you. More enjoyable. Less work. Lower costs.

A way that improves the pasture, soil, water quality, wildlife habitat and much more. And keeps getting better year after year.

Start our free mini-course straight away...

But dont just take our word for it - read some of our numerous endorsements, starting with one by:


Deborah Meadon – star of BBC 2 Dragons Den TV show (UK)

''We had a brilliant afternoon with Jane and Stuart Myers of Equiculture and it’s changed our pasture management thinking for the (so much) better. Thanks for both for coming to our little place…you have made a big difference to the way manage our land 🙏''

Paula King AUS

''Jane and Stuart Myers have changed our lives. I wish I had met them sooner. When you start to 'think outside the box' anything is possible, and this is what Jane and Stuart have made me do. The way I keep my horses now works with rather than against my principles.''

 Becks Cato NZ 

 "As I write this I'm feeling an incredible amount of relief that my horse was able to graze on grass happily for a whole 12 hr stretch earlier this week! This is purely down to the science-based guidelines from Equiculture I have been able to implement in my horse's living environment."

Joanne Cooke UK

 ''I like to support people who are trying to make positive change in the world. However my expectations of what I get for my money have been massively exceeded. You get loads of really great stuff. I'm loving working through the course and learning loads.''

Julie Spencer, USA

''The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now much more involved in our improved 'horse lifestyle.''

April Chalklin-Costa - Puckshott Farm Livery, UK

"Forget micro-management, go Equicentral and embrace macro-management then sit back and watch the horses thrive. it's a revelation."

Anna Marian - Equine Dentist - Australia

"If you have horses on small acreage, the Equiculture information is absolutely invaluable. You'll save tonnes of money on feed, have healthy land, healthy horses and your property will look fabulous."

Read even more of what people have to say about us...

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By the end of this mini-course, you will understand a great deal about horses, pasture and how to manage them sustainably.

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We teach horse owners how to manage their land

And to do it in a way that is good for: HORSES - by improving their welfare. PEOPLE - by saving them time and money. The ENVIRONMENT - by improving biodiversity and soil, creating habitat for wildlife, etc. A true win-win-win.

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