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Horse Rider Biomechanics for all levels of riders. Watch the video about The HRM course or scroll down and read:


If you are already a fabulous rider, with a happy, willing horse then you don't need this information

If you never lose your stirrups or get 'left behind' the movement... If you can sit to the trot on the bounciest of horses. If you have lower legs that never 'misbehave'.

Honestly, if you can do all of these things you are doing really great.

But for most riders, this is sadly not the case.

Here's a question for you:

Have you ever wondered what the biggest difference is between people who ride well and have a happy, willing horse......and people who struggle to ride well. Riders who seem to create lots of frustration for themselves and their horse?

Frustrated horse
Horse Riders Mechanic riding too hard

It's not riding for hours on end...

Horse Riders Mechanic expensive lessons

...or having loads of lessons...

Horse Riders Mechanic having the perfect body

...or having the 'perfect' body...

Horse Riders Mechanic having the perfect horse

...or having the 'perfect' horse...

Riding more and having more lessons can do more harm than good. Because unless you are practising 'doing it right', you are simply practising (and getting better) at 'doing it wrong'. So as well as getting better at 'doing it wrong', you are wasting your money and wearing yourself out. Not to mention aggravating your horse. And you don't want to do that!

Angry horse

Does this sound like your situation?

  • You are fed up with spending money and getting nowhere.
  • The harder you try, the worse your riding seems to become.
  • The more you try to correct things, the more you upset your horse.
  • Some of your riding friends seem to be forging ahead while you seem to be getting nowhere fast.
  • You have considered giving up because you and your horse don't seem to be having fun anymore.
  • You feel pain and discomfort when you are riding.
  • You remember riding was so much easier when you were younger.
  • Things are not going to plan, and you feel frustrated, disappointed and exhausted.

Isn't it time you stopped:

  • Wasting money on lessons that are not helping.
  • Making excuses because you no longer want to ride.
  • Beating yourself up because you don't seem to be improving.
  • Feeling discouraged because what was once an enjoyable passion is now just too difficult.
  • Getting frustrated with your horse when you know it is not their fault.
  • Living in fear of the damage you are doing to your horse because you know you are not riding well.
I want to learn about how to rapidly improve my riding. Sign me up!

You may have spent hours watching free videos and trying to improve your riding...

...but it is safe to say there is a lot of bad advice out there...

Watching free videos

But, at last, here's a blueprint for your success.

A stepwise guide to rapidly improve your riding.

The Horse Rider's Mechanic Course


Start getting the results you deserve for all your effort and expense!

Here are the exact tools you need to move from frustrated to happy...

What WILL happen if you buy this course?

  • You WILL save money.
  • You WILL be able to identify where you are going wrong with your riding position and balance.
  • You WILL be able to fix those problems yourself.
  • You WILL have a stepwise guide and a clear plan to follow.
  • Your frustrations WILL disappear as your riding improves out of sight.
  • You WILL feel safer and more secure because you will gain an 'independent seat' - the 'holy grail' of becoming a good rider.
  • You WILL develop a better 'bond' with your horse.

Are you ready to become part of the exciting Horse Rider's Mechanic (HRM) movement?

The Horse Rider's Mechanic online course pricing options:

(option one is with PDF books and option two is with paperback books)

Option one

The HRM Course + books as PDFs

£147.99 GBP

$187.99 USD

$267.99 AUD

€177.99 EUR

You get:

  • The 6 course modules.
  • Both HRM books as PDFs - you can print them out.
  • Membership of the private HRM Facebook group.
  • Assessments for each module.
  • Mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • An additional free PDF book about Sustainable Horsekeeping.


Pay in British Pounds

Pay in US Dollars

Pay in AUS Dollars

Pay in Euros

Option two

The HRM Course + paperback books

£187.99 GBP

$239.99 USD

$337.99 AUD

€229.99 EUR

You get:

  • The 6 course modules.
  • Both HRM books as PDFs plus paperbacks.
  • Membership of the private HRM Facebook group.
  • Assessments for each module.
  • Mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • An additional free PAPERBACK about Sustainable Horsekeeping.


Pay in British Pounds

Pay in US Dollars

Pay in AUS Dollars

Pay in Euros

This course is a toolkit that takes care of the fundamental issues that hold you back as a rider.

The course includes a series of lessons (written and videos) and articles.

Plus membership of a private online Facebook group. In this group, you can participate in guided learning and get even more help!

There are also assessments to do so that you can check off your progress.

And you can download the app to your mobile so that you can learn on the go.

The course, and the guided learning that goes with it, will teach you how to improve your riding rapidly. Allowing you to reach your riding goals and achieve your dreams in a step-wise manner.

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30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. We stand behind our products and we are only happy if you are happy.

The Horse Rider's Mechanic course is for you if...

You are fed up with spending money on lessons and feeling like you are getting nowhere...

This is a prevalent problem. Most instructors are not trained to teach position and balance and concentrate on the horse rather than the rider. When you sort out your body issues, you will be able to carry on with your regular instructor and make much better progress.

You already have a good instructor, but there are specific position and balance issues that they and you are struggling with...

This course will complement the teachings of a good instructor rather than replace them.

You used to ride well as a child, but you are now finding it much more difficult as an adult...

There are many reasons why as an adult, you may find it challenging to ride as well as you did when younger. Particularly if you have a long break from riding, you can start to improve once you understand the reasons and solutions! Again, a common problem. 

You are just starting out, and you are feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting information out there...

There is so much conflicting information (on the internet in particular): some good, some bad. If you are new to riding, you may be being told all the wrong information; make sure this is not you!

You have previous injuries/body issues that are causing you problems when you ride...

Past injuries and actual disabilities can hold you back usually because you haven't been shown how to work with them. No one has a 'perfect body'. It is all about learning how to maximise what you have.

You teach others, and you need solutions to their position and balance problems...

Give yourself a leg up and get ahead of the game! A large number of my clients are instructors/coaches. As already mentioned, these subjects are not usually taught as part of regular riding coach education.

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