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EQUICULTURE Talk (Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses) with Stuart and Jane Myers Msc (Equine) (international speakers on the subject of sustainable horse keeping). LIST OF EVENTS BELOW...

THE TALK: The talk is aimed at horse owners that either own their own land (including livery/boarding/agistment owners), lease land or keep their horse/s on livery/boarding/agistment (so that’s everyone!). It is about how you can make small or large changes in horse management that both improve your horse’s ‘lifestyle’ and in turn, your lifestyle. A true win-win situation.

These are JUST SOME of the things you will learn about:
• The differences between the free living (wild/feral) equine ‘lifestyle’ and the domestic equine ‘lifestyle’.
• Domestic grazing behaviour and how it affects equine management.
• The essential things that you need to know about pasture and grasses.
• How to become a desirable land manager/custodian (and therefore be more likely to be considered for leasing land or improve your chances of getting any potential development plans passed).
• Essential information about equines and obesity.
• How you can make changes to your horse management regime that will improve welfare, reduce costs, reduce your workload AND be good for the land all at the same time.
• All about THE EQUICENTRAL SYSTEM (a horse welfare/good environmental management horse and land care system that is a win-win all round).
• And lots more…

2020 upcoming talk 6th April  (Monday) - Equicentral System talk and Conservation grazing talk and walk - Knepp Castle Wildland - West Sussex

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