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(Seven short videos - total time about one hour).

By the end of this course you will know a lot more about horses and pasture and how to manage them in a sustainable way...

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Video 1
What your horse wants you to know...
Video 2
Why do horses eat so much?
Video 3
How do horses live naturally?
Video 4
Domestic horse 'Lifestyle'.
Video 5
How do horses spend their day?
Video 6
Horses and the land they live on.
Video &
What is The Equicentral System?

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Anna Collins USA

'I am so glad I came across this FREE course. I have learned so much already. This information should be the norm for anyone who owns or manages horses. Thanks to you guys that is starting to happen.'

Jill Binks AUS

'Thank you Jane and Stuart for all you do, this mini course is yet another brilliant innovation of yours. I have been following you for quite a few years now and you never disappoint.'

Steph Baxter UK

 'This course is so great, just the information I need right now. The subject of horses, pasture etc. is so difficult to find good information on. Thank you for providing this course for FREE. I have told all my friends :).'

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