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The Equicentral System

Learn about how to have happy, relaxed horses, save time and money and look after your land. A win, win, win.

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The Horse Riders Mechanic

Learn how to rapidly improve your riding position and balance. Gain that elusive 'independent seat' and relax your horse.

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Responsible Horse Care

Learn about a welfare centred approach to horse care. Horses rely on us to get it right. Learn the right way from a qualified teacher.

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Julie Spencer USA

'The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now much more involved in our improved 'horse lifestyle''.

Paula King AUS

'Jane and Stuart Myers have changed our lives. I wish I had met them sooner. When you start to 'think outside the box' anything is possible, and this is what Jane and Stuart have made me do. The way I keep my horses now works with rather than against my principles.'

Joanne Cooke UK

 '... I like to support people who are trying to make positive change in the world. However my expectations of what I get for my money have been massively exceeded. You get loads of really great stuff. I'm loving working through the course and learning loads...'

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Our strategy at a glance:

Our vision:

A world where the needs of domestic horses are met by providing them with a species-appropriate ‘lifestyle’.

Our mission:

To ensure domestic horses have the best life possible by educating horse owners about:






Our beliefs:

1. Domestic horses deserve to have a good life.

2. Domestic horses have innate behavioural and physical needs that should be met.

3. Horses can be managed in a way that is good for the environment and good for them at the same time.

4. All horse owners / managers can help to improve the 'lifestyle' of domestic horses.

Our values:

1. We are innovative.

2. We are empathetic.

3. We are qualified.

4. We are committed.

5. We have integrity.

Our ambitions:

1. To continue to challenge ‘traditional’ myths about horses, horsekeeping and land management.

2. To reach a larger percentage of the horse-owning population and challenge their thinking.

3. To work increasingly more closely with environmental organizations to deliver more information to more horse owners.

4. To become the recognized authority on sustainable horsekeeping and land management.

Our priorities:

1. Education. 2. Advocacy. 3. Organisational effectiveness. 4. Support.