THE EQUICULTURE TALK venues and dates

with Stuart and Jane Myers MSc (Equine) - international speakers on the subject of land management for horses

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Upcoming Equiculture events - scroll down for dates 2022 and 2023

Currently, these are held in the UK and AUSTRALIA

We speak at conferences (Veterinary, welfare etc.) and present one-day talks (and some evening talks). Our full talks are usually funded by Natural Resource organisations (such as NATURAL ENGLAND in the UK and LANDCARE in Australia).

OUR TALKS are aimed at horse owners that either own land (including livery/boarding/agistment owners), lease land, or keep their horse/s on livery/boarding/agistment (so that’s everyone who owns or manages a horse!). Learn how to make small or large changes in horse and land management that improve the 'lifestyle' of horses and people and at the same time greatly benefit the wider environment. A true win-win-win situation.

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Information about how to organise an Equiculture talk


Upcoming Equiculture talk dates UK and Australia - 2023 - These talks are all funded by natural resource organisations - see below:


UK Equiculture event venues and dates - Upcoming UK and Australia 2023 - 2024

We have various talks in the pipeline, just waiting to finalise dates and venues


Australian talk dates - February - April 2023 - now past 


Australian talk dates - November 2022 - now past


Equiculture UK talk dates 2022 - now past

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Read what people have to say about us and our work

Julie Spencer - USA

''The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now much more involved in our improved 'horse lifestyle''.

Paula King - AUS

''Jane and Stuart Myers have changed our lives. I wish I had met them sooner. When you start to 'think outside the box' anything is possible, and this is what Jane and Stuart have made me do. The way I keep my horses now works with rather than against my principles.''

Joanne Cooke - UK

 ''... I like to support people who are trying to make positive change in the world. However my expectations of what I get for my money have been massively exceeded. You get loads of really great stuff. I'm loving working through the course and learning loads...''

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Information about organising an Equiculture talk

We prefer to work in conjunction with Natural Resource organisations - such as Natural England in the UK and Landcare in Australia. We have also frequently been funded by water catchment organisations - such as Sydney/Melbourne Water, SEQ Catchments (AUS) and Portsmouth Water (UK).

We have held talks in conjunction with and for Equine charities.

What participants receive:

They get between 4-5 hours of intensive instruction from Equiculture - we have been delivering these talks for many years now (in various countries), so we have a VERY well-practised routine. We get excellent feedback from our talks!

What participants learn:

In addition to learning about sustainable horse and land management, participants learn A LOT about equine welfare. This applies to experienced horse owners as well as inexperienced horse owners. What we teach is not taught elsewhere.

Timings for the day:

The best format that seems to work is to have the talk through the day on a Monday (because this does not clash with weekend activities). A typical day is:

9.15am registration for a 9.30am prompt. start

first break at 10.30am - 10.50am

lunch break at 12.30pm - 1.10pm

finish approx. 3.00pm

We have also had successful talks starting at 4pm going through to 9.30pm (on a weekend as well as Monday/Friday).

What we need:

We need a large enough classroom for 30 plus people and additional tables for our equipment.

Any questions, please ask, [email protected]

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We teach horse owners how to manage their land

And to do it in a way that is good for: HORSES - by improving their welfare. PEOPLE - by saving them time and money. The ENVIRONMENT - by improving biodiversity and soil, creating habitat for wildlife, etc. A true win-win-win.

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