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About Equiculture

Horse Ownership - Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical starts with knowledge. Being as knowledgeable as you can, means that you can be a better rider and take better care of your horse/s. This website is a learning tool for responsible horse people – people like you.

The Equicentral System

The Equicentral System is a method of sustainable horse and land management, developed for the needs of the 21st century domesticated horse, their owner and the land on which they live. A horse needs to live in a thriving, sustainable environment in order to be healthy. Healthy Land = Healthy Pasture = Healthy Horse = Happy Owner.

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The Horse Rider's Mechanic

Your position and balance when riding are fundamental to riding well. These subjects are often brushed over or ignored altogether yet without good position and balance you cannot have an 'independent seat'. The Horse Rider's Mechanic looks at this issue in detail and shows you - in a stepwise manner - how to improve your riding – rapidly.

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Responsible horse care

Everyone who owns or cares for horses should at least know the basics of horse care and horse welfare. In fact - by having a horse you take on a ‘duty of care’ to that horse. Our horses rely on us completely to get it right. There is so much (mis) information about this subject that it can be difficult to know what is right and what is wrong.

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Equiculture Testimonials

"The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now more involved in our improved horse 'lifestyle'."

Julie Spencer USA

"What an amazing wonderful woman, to have so much knowledge and to be able to impart it to the rider in such a small amount of time. Jane has a way of explaining that is in plain English and is simple enough for anyone to understand but gets the correct message across."

Tracey Woods, Aus

There are various ways that you can learn more...

The Books

We have various books about equine management and about rider biomechanics. You can buy them on Amazon or from this website (as paperbacks or as PDFs). We do great package deals!

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The Membership

You get all of our books and videos (about sustainable equine management and Horse Rider's Mechanic) and absolutely tonnes more by subscribing to the most comprehensive membership of its kind worldwide (for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week!...

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The Videos

We have various video series for sale on the subject of sustainable horse management and sustainable horse property management. Buy the videos and learn at your own pace (or get them in The Membership)...

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About the authors

Jane Myers MSc (Equine) studied the grazing behaviour of horses at the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Edinburgh) - a world leader in veterinary education, research, and clinical practice.

Jane and Stuart have been horse owners/managers for many years. They have lived and kept horses in various climates ranging from temperate (warm/wet/cold) to tropical (hot/wet and hot/dry).

They have spent many years teaching horse owners around the world about better ways of keeping horses.

They were the recipients of the Churchill Fellowship in 2012 to further study the subject of sustainability and horses.

They are the authors of several books about horses including titles published by CSIRO in Australia.

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