The Equiculture Horse/Land Management Course

We teach horse owners worldwide how to manage land for horses in a way that is good for horses, people and the wider environment. Learn how to keep horses sustainably (stop wasting time, effort and money). When you know how it is not difficult.

Are you concerned about the welfare of your horses? Are you concerned about your time and costs? Are you concerned about the wider environment and climate change? 

This is a course like no other! 

Are you ready to become part of the exciting Equiculture movement? 

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First of all, who is this course for?

Anyone who owns or manages horses or ponies. This course challenges traditional, outdated methods and offers innovative solutions for the forward-thinking horse owner. This course is essential if you are just starting out or have been into horses for many years.

It does not matter where in the world you live either; we have members who live in various countries (and climates), from the UK to Australia, from the USA to South Africa, from Canada to Sweden, and many more.

Why do you need this course?

Suppose you want to be a Responsible, sustainable, ethical horse owner/manager. In that case, this course will guide you and offer practical solutions so that you can make informed choices for the benefit of your horse/s, yourself and the land.

Why this course, and why now?

To put it bluntly, the traditional management of horses is not working. There is increased obesity, ill health, behavioural issues, damaged soil causing unhealthy pasture, higher costs; the list goes on. Added to this are genuine concerns about climate change etc. This course addresses all of these issues and much more.

Instead, would you like to:

  • Learn how to save money, time and energy and be able to do more of the things you love with your horse/s?
  • Learn how to create a better 'lifestyle' for your horse/s and allow them to carry out more of their natural behaviours?
  • Learn how to improve the health of the land and increase biodiversity?

''I went to one of your talks in Taree (Aus) a couple of years ago, (rather arrogantly thinking I'd know most of it already). It was life changing for me, my horses, and my land. I now enjoy smugly comparing the biodiversity on my place compared to the neighbours!''

Janet (Aus)

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Does this sound like your situation?

  • Your expenses are going up every year and you have to work harder to pay for your horse/s upkeep?
  • You are fed up with spending more time doing 'horse chores' than spending 'quality time' with your horse/s?
  • You are concerned about your horse/s behaviour, and you know they are not 'living their best life'?
  • You want to manage your horse/s in a responsible sustainable and ethical way, but you do not know how to achieve this?
  • You are confused about safe grazing for your horses?
  • You are anxious about your horse/s weight?
  • You want your horse/s to graze more naturally, but you are apprehensive about what might happen if they do?
  • You are concerned that each year there are more weeds, more bare soil and less grass?
  • You are not happy with how the land looks?
  • You know you should increase biodiversity, but you are not sure how?

You are over having nothing but mud when it's wet...

Equiculture muddy conditions

... and dust when it's dry...

Equiculture rolling in mud
YES! I want to be part of this...

This course will help you to solve your problems (and many more) and will set you on a path to a fresh way to keep horses:

This is the only toolkit that teaches this subject from a ONE WELFARE perspective.

One Welfare:

The one welfare concept is that the environment, animal welfare and human wellbeing are interconnected and influence each other.

Learn how to incorporate the One Welfare concept into how you keep your horses

This course is very comprehensive but, don't worry, you have all the time in the world to work through it

You can turn your problems around:

You CAN have a better lifestyle, more money and energy, and more time to do the things you love with your horse/s.

You CAN also provide a better 'lifestyle' for your horse/s - one where they are allowed to carry out more of their natural behaviours.

You CAN allow your horse/s to have a healthier, more natural diet. Along with a better lifestyle, this will result in much calmer horses.

You CAN become a great horse manager just by learning some essential basics. You and your horse/s can make a real difference to the planet; we will show you how:

Join this exciting and positive movement in the horse world:






YES! I would love to learn about this fresh approach

You may have spent hours watching free videos and trying to improve the situation

but it is safe to say there is a lot of bad advice out there

But, at last, here's a blueprint for your success

A stepwise guide by Equiculture, with contributions from horse experts from around the world, to rapidly improve how you manage your horse/s and the land.

Start getting the results you and your horses deserve for all your effort and expense!

Here are the exact tools you need to move from frustrated to happy!

What WILL happen if you buy this course?

  • You WILL feel supported by a great network of like-minded people as you travel on this new journey.
  • You WILL have more time to do the things you love.
  • Your horse/s WILL become calmer, healthier and happier.
  • You WILL develop a better 'bond' with your horse/s.
  • You WILL become an 'Equicentric Grass Farmer' along with thousands of others worldwide.
  • You WILL feel positive and happier knowing that you are helping the environment while creating a better place for your horse/s to live.

The Equiculture Course pricing options:

PAY MONTHLY - Eight payments of:

£19.70 GBP

$24.70 USD

$34.70 AUD

€23.70 EUR

You get:

  • The 8 course modules.
  • Books 1 and 2 of The Equicentral System series as PDFs (you will be offered them as paperbacks for a discount at checkout).
  • Optional membership of the private Equiculture Central Facebook Group (the course is complete without the group, but it is a bonus if you join).
  • Free attendance to any Equiculture Central online talks/webinars for our clients.
  • A mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • Permanent access, there are no time limits to completing this course.


Pay in British Pounds

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Pay in Euros

PAY ALL AT ONCE - One payment of:

£147.99 GBP

$187.99 USD

$267.99 AUD

€177.99 EUR

You get:

  • The 8 course modules.
  • Books 1 and 2 of The Equicentral System series as PDFs (you will be offered them as paperbacks for a discount at checkout).
  • Optional membership of the private Equiculture Central Facebook Group (the course is complete without the group, but it is a bonus if you join).
  • Free attendance to any Equiculture Central online talks/webinars for our clients.
  • A mobile app so you can learn on the move.
  • Permanent access, there are no time limits to completing this course.


Pay in British Pounds

Pay in US Dollars

Pay in AUS Dollars

Pay in Euros
This course is now classed as CPD for The British Horse Society (BHS) and Pony Club UK

The Equiculture Course is now also available via the University of New England (AU)

This is what Professor Paul McGreevy has to say about the course ''This course is designed to ensure that horsekeeping is kind to the environment and is ideal for all horses’ needs. From pasture and manure management to weed control, this course is packed with simple tips and evidence-based advice. I warmly recommend it to everyone who sees the sense in keeping horses in ways that match their needs and behaviour. It’s the perfect complement to the (UNE)course on Applying the Five Domains Model to the Welfare Assessment of Sport and Recreation Horses.''

The Equiculture Course is for you if:

You are fed up with spending more money each year on bought-in feed:

If you do not manage land properly, your feed costs continue to rise, which is not sustainable. You are simply throwing money away by not looking after the pasture (and, even more importantly, the soil). You are missing out on an opportunity to grow safe, healthy, biodiverse pasture for your horse that will also save you a fortune.

You are concerned that your horse is not 'living their best life':

Every horse deserves to have a good 'lifestyle'. They rely on you to provide an environment as close to 'natural' as possible. Forage, friends and freedom (the 3 F's) are what horses desire (and need). This course will teach you how to make changes that result in the best outcome for your current situation.

You are worried about the appearance of the land, the mud, dust and weeds are getting to you, and you want to make improvements:

Again, a common problem. Horse owners, unfortunately, have a reputation for not taking good care of the land where their horses live. This occurs for various reasons:

  • A lack of knowledge. Modern horse owners do not usually have a land management background.
  • It isn't easy to get the right advice; most of what is out there assumes you are keeping animals other than horses (such as cows). Even the information that is horse specific is usually unhelpful or even dangerous.

You are just starting out, and you are feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting information that is out there:

If you are new to horse/land ownership/management (or even not so new), you may have been told the wrong information (and believe it), make sure this is not you! There is so much conflicting information (on the internet in particular). Stick with us, and we will show you how to make the right decisions.

You have heard that there is a better way to keep horses, and you want to learn about it:

Quite rightly, you want to ensure you are doing the best you can for your horse/s and the land they live on. Learn about a way of keeping horses that is fast becoming regarded as the best way!

You are concerned about the environment, and you want to learn about what you and your horse/s can do to help:

Most horse owners do not realise they have the tools to make a real difference to the environment. By learning all about 'amazing grazing' and how Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical horsekeeping is also good for the environment, you and your horse/s can do more for the planet than you could ever imagine!

Are you ready to start making changes?

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Read what people have to say about us...

Judith Leeson - SA - Australia'

'So happy to be a part of Equiculture Central, as a former horse owner and current enthusiast for evidence-based horse care and welfare. Member of the Management Committee of Horse SA, with a deep interest in horse-centred practice, applying contemporary research to horse - human transactions, interventions, provisions and education, and the effects of the Social Licence to Operate. I read every post and am delighted with how members share their experiences and expertise with each other across continents in the most respectful and inclusive way.

Jane and Stuart have inspired and guided us all to a deeper understanding of how we can own and keep horses sustainably and with their best interests at the forefront of our thinking.

In everything we do and say we are their advocates and can give them a voice, which can be more powerful than social media chatter and virtue signalling.

I believe that Equiculture Central can be a beacon of hope for the continuation of horse keeping in urban, rural and regional areas, where there are enormous negative pressures from land developers, and economic rationalists.

Thank you Jane and Stuart for the privilege of membership, and members for inspiring me with confidence and hope.''

Joanne Cooke - UK

''... I like to support people who are trying to make positive change in the world. However my expectations of what I get for my money have been massively exceeded. You get loads of really great stuff. Far more than I thought. I'm loving working through the course and learning loads even though I've been running an Equicentral style System myself for 5 years. Look at it as the equivalent of a set of books on the subject. Well worth the money and highly recommended.''

Fra Atyeo - Victoria - Australia

''Dear Jane and Stuart, your passion for horse welfare and landcare is helping thousands of horse owners and riders across the globe. I've got many of your books on riding, some must be near 20 years old now!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of a seminar in Victoria about eight years ago where you attended my property to discuss The Equicentral System with the local equine landcare group, and now I am enjoying learning how to ride again with The Horse Rider's Mechanic course!

Thank you for all your efforts in research and for sharing the information in an easy-to-understand format. I LOVE your work!!!

I highly recommend to any horse owner or rider to invest in learning more about The Equicentral System or Horse Rider's Mechanic.''

Mandy Kelly - Durham - UK

''I've signed up for the new (membership) group and I am looking forward to the new learning approach. I work fulltime and spend every second I have with my herd so find it difficult to concentrate and dedicate time to reading through the information you can find online. Starting the course put everything in 1 place which was great, now having the new group will not only have everything together but will give me specific learning sessions so I can plan and follow through with specific tasks. I joined Equicentral as I wanted my land and herd to work with nature. I wanted to encourage correct grasses to grow, wildflower meadows, wooded areas and most of all encourage the wildlife to come back to our bare grazing land. I am 6 months in and have 2 paddocks looking lovely and full of wildlife already this spring :)''

YES! I would love to learn about this way of keeping horses

Frequently asked questions about The Equiculture Course:

YES! I would love to learn about this fresh approach - please take me there
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We teach horse owners how to manage their land

And to do it in a way that is good for: HORSES - by improving their welfare. PEOPLE - by saving them time and money. The ENVIRONMENT - by improving biodiversity and soil, creating habitat for wildlife, etc. A true win-win-win. 

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