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The Horse Rider's Mechanic

'Brilliantly Simple - Simply Brilliant'!

The Horse Rider's Mechanic is about how you can rapidly improve your position and your balance - the fundamental building blocks of being a good rider. As a consequence your security and your confidence increase - your riding improves - your horse goes better!

Common rider problems...

These include 1. A loss or lack of confidence. 2. An inability to move with your horse correctly and 3. Pain/discomfort when riding - usually from previous injuries, sometimes simply from incorrect position, balance, gear or even previous instruction. Developing 'independent seat' addresses these problems and is therefore vital. The Horse Rider's Mechanic shows you how to develop yours!

Your Position

The first building block to being a better rider. You need to be able to arrange the various parts your body in such a way that you are in alignment and you are as easy as possible for your horse to carry. Good position is not just about 'sitting pretty' though, it is about - among other things - utilising gravity to help you to stay put! This is the start of developing an independent seat!

Your Balance

The second building block to being a better rider. Your balance can only improve when your body is in the correct alignment. Then you are in a position to be able to carry out specific exercises that are designed to rapidly improve your balance. This is done in a step wise manner. Your horse, in turn, feels your better balance and goes better - an always increasing upwards spiral!

The Horse Rider's Mechanic Course

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6 modules containing all of the information you need to improve your position and balance.

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Horse Rider's Mechanic Testimonials

"What I love most about The Horse Rider's Mechanic System of riding (and teaching) is that it breaks what can be complex issues down into bite sized pieces and teaches you step by step what you really need to know."

Kitty Jones (USA)

"Jane has revolutionised my riding, plus many others that have attended clinics at my property 'The B B Ranch'. She just has such a great way of explaining to riders, both inexperienced and advanced alike. I call her my horsey hero and I cannot praise her enough."

Bibi Liati (AUS)

"The Horse Rider's Mechanic System has made a huge difference to my relationship with my horse Milly. I have ridden all my life but Jane showed me how to fix some fundamental problems that were blocking our progression."

Linda Galpin (UK)

Horse Rider's Mechanic Books and Videos

'Brilliantly Simple - Simply Brilliant'

The Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbooks

Your Position and Your Balance.

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The Horse Rider's Mechanic Video Series

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