(11ES3F) PDF - The Equicentral System Series Book 3

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The Equicentral System Series Book 3: Horse Property Planning and Development in PDF format.

What People Are Saying:

“Keeping horses in this practical way has done wonders for my own wellbeing and of course theirs. I just love all the fabulous information in these books. Cannot wait for the videos to come out! I keep telling all of my friends about Equiculture and The Equicentral System hoping that they will take up this management system up as well - it would do wonders for property prices in the area!”

Karen Shaw (USA)

“My biggest surprise is that we can have an arrangement that makes feeding, etc. super easy for the humans who have full time day jobs (the horses come to us!), while at the same time it is the best thing for our land! Doesn't get better than that!”

Dorothy Nuess (Australia)

“Mainly surprised at how I could have been so blind in the past, keeping my horses on livery in places with stressed grass, mud and restricted hay. Equicentral makes so much sense, and now that I have my horses at home, I have the opportunity to give them the life they deserve.”

Marlene Lindgaard Kristoffersen (UK)

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(11ES3F) PDF - The Equicentral System Series Book 3 $39.95 USD
Due Now $39.95 USD