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This page details how you can have private or semi-private coaching by Jane Myers - The Horse Rider's Mechanic

If you live in Yorkshire (UK) or the surounding counties you can arrange to have me come to you for private or semi-private coaching. Other areas of the UK are also possible from time to time.

A session with me is a little different to having a regular coach. My sessions are longer (at least two hours) but you should find that one session is enough to sort out your problems and move you onwards and upwards.

A session involves watching you ride and teaching you how to improve your position and balance, but you and your horse will also get plenty of time to rest. There will be lost of discussion and you will get lots of time to ask questions. You are free to ask questions about horse management too if you wish.

Hopefully you already know a little about me from this website or Facebook.

Here are my prices:

£95 for the session.

Travel expenses: 50p per mile from postcode area BD23 (no charge for first and last 20 miles).

Semi-private sessions are also available for £60 per person (travel expenses costs the same - to be shared between participants). Semi-private sessions tend to take longer than private sessions.

Group sessions are also available.

Contact me if you would like a session [email protected]

If you are already a fabulous rider, with a happy, willing horse then this information is not for you...

If you never lose your stirrups or get 'left behind' the movement... If you can sit to the trot on the bounciest of horses... If you have lower legs that never 'misbehave'...

Honestly, if you can do all of these things you are doing really great...

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