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Buying a Horse Property

Available in paperback and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out so you can take it anywhere that you would a book!

About this book...

Buying a horse property is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make. Therefore, it is very important that you get it right. There are many factors to consider and there may be compromises that have to be made. This guide to buying a horse property will help you to make many of those very important decisions.

Decisions include factors such as whether to buy developed or undeveloped land? Whether to buy a smaller property nearer the city or a larger property in a rural area? Other factors that you need to think about include the size and layout of the property, the pastures and soil, access to riding areas, the water supply, and any possible future proposals for the area. These subjects and many more are covered in this book.

A useful checklist is also provided so that you can ask the right questions before making this very important decision.

If you are buying a horse property, you cannot afford to miss out on the invaluable information in this book!

Buying a horse property - contents

Very important lifestyle decisions
Is a horse property a good investment?
Finding a horse property
Viewing a horse property
The exciting subjects
Your budget
Property location and size
Developed or undeveloped land?
Horse facilities
Property layout
Pastures and soil
Natural features
Access to riding areas
The district
The access
Storm, fire and flood risk
Pest problems
Water supply
Utilities and services
Access to horse specific services
Zoning and easements
Future proposals for the area
Your check list
The less exciting but still very important subjects
The legals
Settlement period
Moving in
Final thoughts
Further reading
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