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Horse Properties - A Management Guide

Available in paperback and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out so you can take it anywhere that you would a book!

About this book...

This book is an abbreviated version of The Equicentral System Series book 2: Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses.

This book is a guide to the sustainable management of a horse property. It covers the horse characteristics that you need to understand in order to manage horses and the land that they live on. It also covers a fresh approach to land management that encompasses horse welfare, good environmental management and time/budget saving strategies. This method is something we call The Equicentral System and we have been teaching horse owners about this system for several years now, in fact horse owners around the world have implemented this horse management system to great effect.

Do yourself, your horses, and the land that they live on a favour and read this book!

Horse Properties - A management guide - contents

Horse characteristics and behaviours
Daily ‘time-budgets’
The grazing behaviour of horses
The importance of fibre to horses
Food selection in horses
Walking while grazing
The pastured behaviour of domestic horses
The ‘standing around behaviour’ of domestic horses
Factors that increase ‘standing around behaviour’:
The problem with gateways
The ‘tracking behaviour’ of domestic horses
The ‘dunging behaviour’ of domestic horses
Horses and land degradation
Bare/compacted soil and erosion
Too much water
Not enough water
Control of weeds
Healthy Land
Benefits for horses
Benefits for land and the environment
Benefits for horse owners
Biodiversity and horses
Improving pasture
Grasses for horses
Simple solutions for turning land degradation around
Using swales
Pasture/grazing management
Grazing systems
Rotational grazing
Limited grazing
Strip grazing
Cross grazing
Manure management
Composting manure
Paddock manure management
Pasture maintenance
Clean water on a horse property
The water catchment
The results of poor water management
Grazing control around waterways
Vegetation on a horse property
Existing vegetation
Protection and care of trees and plants
Putting it all together
The Equicentral System
How The Equicentral System works
The Equicentral System benefits
Horse health/welfare benefits
Time saving benefits
Cost saving benefits
Safety benefits
Land/environmental management benefits
Public perception benefits
Manure and parasitic worm management benefits
Summary of the main points
Further reading - A list of our books


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