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A Horse is a Horse - of Course

Available in paperback and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out so you can take it anywhere that you would a book!

About this book...

Understanding horse behaviour is a very important part of caring for horses. It is very easy to convince yourself that your horse is content to do all of the things that you enjoy, but a much better approach is to understand that your horse has very different needs to you. Horses see the world quite differently to humans; they react to situations in a way that can seem illogical to us, but they do this because they have behaviours that have evolved over millions of years and ensured their survival. Horse behaviour is linked closely to their physiology and this is what makes a horse, a horse.

A good approach is to take everything 'back to basics' and think about what a horse has evolved to be. This book describes horse behaviour in both the wild 'natural' environment and in the domestic environment. It then looks at how you can reduce stress in the domestic horse by understanding and acknowledging their real needs, resulting in a more 'well-adjusted', content and thriving animal.

Do your horse a favour and read this book!

A Horse is a Horse - of Course - contents

What horses are…
What horses are not…
Horse behaviour and ‘lifestyle’
Natural living horses
Domestic horses
Vocalisations and other noises
Body language
Intelligence and learning ability
Training effects
Time-budgets of horses
Time spent grazing
Time spent sleeping
Time spent loafing
Herd and social behaviour
Grazing and feeding behaviour
Paddock/field behaviour
Dunging behaviour
Sexual differences
Individual differences
Abnormal horse behaviour
Improving the 'lifestyle' of domestic horses
Introducing a new horse to an established herd
Final thoughts
Further reading
Our other publications
Other recommended books
Recommended websites
Bibliography of scientific papers


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