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A Horse is a Horse - of Course book

Understanding horse behaviour is a very important part of caring for horses.

Available in PAPERBACK and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out and taken anywhere that you would a book!

This 92 page book in PDF format. $13.95 USD - start reading straightaway.

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This 92 page book in Paperback format. $17.95 - $20.95 USD including shipping.

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About this book...

Understanding horse behaviour is a very important part of caring for horses.

It is very easy to convince yourself that your horse is content to do all of the things that you enjoy, but a much better approach is to understand that your horse has very different needs to you.

Horses see the world quite differently to humans; they react to situations in a way that can seem illogical to us, but they do this because they have behaviours that have evolved over millions of years and ensured their survival.

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"This book covers all of the important things about horse behaviour and the information comes from correct scientific sources."

Maddy Smith, Australia

"I now have a far better understanding of my horse whereas before I used to think my horse was behaving a certain way on purpose. I think all horse owners should learn about horse behaviour!"

Sarah Reynolds, UK

"Fun to read, great pictures, thanks Jane and Stuart for making this subject so easy to understand."

Pippa Arnold, NZ

"What a fascinating read. As an experienced horseperson i thought my knowledge on equine behaviour was pretty good. How wrong i was. This easy to read book covers many unknown facts about horse behaviour and also serves as a refresher for the more commonly known behaviours that we all seem to forget from time to time. Every horse enthusiast should have a copy of this book for reference. Highly recommended."

Amazon customer

"This book is very well written and an easy read. It is a great resource into the needs and ways of horses. A must read for all people starting in the horse world but also for experienced horse people to gain new insights."

Amazon customer

"A fantastic, easy to read book. It gives you interesting and insightful information on horse care and management that is the most beneficial and close to the most natural way to care for horses. It highlights a horses needs according to the horses natural instincts and behaviours. I have read many horse books and have studied Equine Science at a tertiary education level and found this book to be very useful. I wish I had this book when I bought my first horse more than 25 years ago and think all first time horse owners should read this book."

Carly S

"Written in an accessible and informative style, this book takes us through a welcome reminder that a horse is in fact a horse- not a cow, not a human, not any other animal, but a horse. A horse in a domestic setting has the same wants, needs and innate desires as a wild horse; the challenge for us being how we strike the balance between the needs of the horse and our desire to keep them in domestication. This can result in us humans trying to deal with some behaviours that we can find bizarre, or 'unexplained', but in fact, the horse is just being a horse. This book helps to develop a greater understanding of the nature of the horse, and how we can make changes, not only to how we train horses, but also to how we manage them, so that we are working with, rather than against, these wonderful creatures."

S. Harrison

"A wonderful read, explaining equine science and research in simple, easy to understand terms. This book isn't just about horse behaviour and how to make your horse do what you want, like most equine behaviour books. This book explains what a horse's behavioural and physical needs are, and the things that an owner needs to take into consideration for the 23.5 hours a day that you are not training your horse. Its about horse behaviour on a bigger picture scale, that is usually skipped over in training books, even though it is just as important (even more so) and impacts the horse we see during training too. The comparison between free living horses and domesticated horses provides a ton of food for thought, and there are simple solutions to common problems, and how to prevent them. I wish I had this book before I had horses, it would have made everything a lot simpler for me, and healthier and happier for my horses from the get go."

Dreaded Karri

"This book is great for anyone involved or thinking about getting involved with horses. It covers horse behaviour and gives the reader a much better understanding of their horse and why he/she does the things he/she does. It is easy to read and understand and gives references to things you can read for an even greater understanding of horses and their behaviour."

Naomi Towan

"A well written introduction to the horse. Clear and concise with a wealth of topics covered to give a deeper understanding of these wonderful creatures. From the evolution of horses in the wild to their domestic counterparts. Also included is many suggestions for further reading. A must read for anyone who has an interest in horses from beginners to the experienced."

Amazon Customer

"This book should be a compulsive for anyone thinking about buying a horse, or for those who already own a horse and haven't read it. It is very informative, easy to understand and gives us a true insight into the feelings and needs of our equine friends."

Amazon Customer

"I really enjoyed reading this book - its informative, interesting, with some aha moments too. It's definitely a book I would recommend to all horse owners and wannabe horse owners - loads of useful tips and ideas too to apply to your own set of circumstances and situations with your own horses and how you look at them. Definitely recommend. Informative point by point covering all aspects you'd need to look into when considering a suitable horse property. But why not make use of Jane's brilliant insight to make changes to an existing property! Definitely a book to have on the bookshelf."


"A really detailed yet easy to read book which covers every aspect of how we can keep our horses happy and healthy. One of my favourite excerpts from the book.... "Acknowledging that horses are not like humans does not mean that we should disregard or even say that horses do not have emotions, feelings etc. Horses are a complex animal that have intricate needs. As humans we should strive to understand what is really important to horses rather than simply assume that they want what we do. This means that we have to learn about horse behaviour." This is a must-read book for any horse enthusiast and you will definitely learn something!"

Louise Stockburger

Horse behaviour is linked closely to their physiology and this is what makes a horse, a horse.

A good approach is to take everything 'back to basics' and think about what a horse has evolved to be.

This book describes horse behaviour in both the wild 'natural' environment and in the domestic environment.

It then looks at how you can reduce stress in the domestic horse by understanding and acknowledging their real needs, resulting in a more 'well-adjusted', content and thriving animal.

Do your horse a favour and read this book!

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This 92 page book in PDF format. $13.95 USD - start reading straightaway.

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This 92 page book in Paperback format. $17.95 - $20.95 USD including shipping.

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Get this book for free when you buy other products!

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Our Paperback books are printed and posted from within the USA, UK, W Europe and Aus, the price includes postage to these countries/areas plus Canada and NZ (please contact [email protected] for other countries/areas).

"A fantastic and enlightening read for anyone interested in horse care and management. If you truly care about your horses mental and physical wellbeing then I can highly recommend this book. An easy read, it has heaps of great info and practical ways that you can enhance your domestic horse’s environment and lifestyle to get the best out of your equine partner. Relevant for any horse, from paddock ornaments to the highest-level competition athlete. I applaud Jane and Stuart for their tireless work to improve horse welfare around the globe and for making the info accessible and relevant to Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Amazon Customer

"A must have for any horse owner. From very beginners to the most experienced, the information in this book is perfectly written to provide understanding no matter your level of learning. A great reference book as you continue your learning journey, you will be able to take more information from it every time you read it."

Amazon Customer

"A good beginner's guide to why horses behave as they do, and how this impacts on their physical needs. This book offers reasons behind why certain management practices lead to happy, healthy horses, and why others cause mental and/or physical harm - facts that all horse owners should understand."

Larissa Bilston

"Great book for all involved with horses. Fact based information (not opinion) but written simply and clearly so as not to confuse or overload.... Because of this it is a wonderful starting point for any reader. I hope that this understanding of the horse and its needs becomes wide spread making the equine life in the modern world happier and healthier."


"Fantastic resource for new and experienced horse owners. Explanations as to why domestic horses need to have the mental and feed stimulation as their wild ancestors."

Amazon Customer

"This is an important book for horse owners, especially those who manage the environment in which the horses are kept. A Horse is a Horse is an in-depth assessment of the nature of horses and what makes up an ideal environment for them. I highly recommend this book for all horse owners."

Ron Sill, The Equuscape Project, California, USA

"A great book- one that every horse owner should have on their bookshelf, or kindle! Jane really does give us an insight into what a horse is - and is not!- Concise , clear information to help us help our domesticated horse live in our world without taking out too much of the essence of what being a horse is all about. It also will undoubtedly whet the appetite and open the doors for further exploration and education into training, pasture management, enrichment, ethology and nutrition. A great read!"

Carolyn Jenkinson, Aus

"Just read this it has lots of useful information on horses and their needs, it will help me better understand how to give my horses a less stressful life, and I now know how to better understand their needs I look forward to learning more from this authors other books Easy to understand the concepts in the book, great information."

Amazon customer

"In the past horse care methodology has been more about convenience for humans. As a result horses have suffered denial of their basic needs: to be kept in a herd situation, to eat grass 18 hours a day and to walk 20 kilometres a day. Jane and Stuart Myers have worked extensively in UK, USA and Australia to lead the way to a more ethical and horse-based management system. I loved "A Horse is a Horse - of Course". It is about what it is to be a horse which is the starting point for that change to horse-friendly care. The book is easy to read and the messages are simple but profound. I think that this book will be a great read for horse lovers of all levels of experience."


"A brilliant book which is both informative and easy to read. Aimed at all levels whether you've just started learning to ride or been involved with horses for years. From professionals to the happy hacker everyone will find something of value within these pages. I enjoyed this book from start to end the information is based on good scientific knowledge and I love how it combines both equine behaviour and how this links into our traditional methods of management. A must read for those who are interested in behaviour, welfare or just improving their own horses life."

Mrs. K. Main

"This is probably the best horse behaviour book I have ever read. It covers everything you need to know about owning or looking after horses from a behavioural perspective. So much new information for me. Essential reading for anyone who is serious about horse ownership, providing all the information you need for getting it right."


"This book is a must have for all horse owners and those who work in the equine industry. Understanding horse behaviour is vital in providing an environment that compliments a horse's desire to perform natural behaviours and social activities. I learnt more from reading this book than I did studying equine behaviour during my equine science degree. Another brilliant publication by Jane and Stuart Myers, who continue to educate others in sustainable horse keeping practices and issues."


"I can honestly say this is one of my favourite horse books. It is packed full of really interesting information. There was so much that I didn't know even after studying horses! I love how the book is focused on the horses welfare and how we can improve their quality of life to make them happy. In my opinion its a book that every horse owner should read!"


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About the authors

Jane Myers MSc (Equine) studied the grazing behaviour of horses at the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Edinburgh) - a world leader in veterinary education, research, and clinical practice.

Jane and Stuart have been horse owners/managers for many years. They have lived and kept horses in various climates ranging from temparate (warm/wet/cold) to tropical (hot/wet and hot/dry).

They have spent many years teaching horse owners around the world about better ways of keeping horses.

They were recipients of a Churchill Fellowship in 2012 to further study the subject of sustainability and horses.

They are the authors of several books about horses including titles published by CSIRO in Australia.

Find out more about them here...

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