Paperback Horse Rider's Mechanic + free book

Both Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbooks as Paperbacks. You will also receive them as PDFs (so that you can start reading them straightaway while you wait for your paperback books to arrive).

PLUS YOU GET the paperback and PDF copy of Horse Properties - A Management Guide FOR FREE!

Our Paperback books are printed and posted from within the USA, UK, W Europe and Aus, the price includes postage to these countries/areas (please contact [email protected] for other countries/areas).

What People Are Saying:

I am now much closer to achieving a truly ‘independent seat’. Feeling secure and much more confident. My horse is starting to relax more too as I am now able to move with him much better than before. Thank you so much for writing these books (HRM), I recommend them to all my friends!

Megan King (Canada)

These (HRM) books are very easy to follow and have saved me money. My own instructor is great but she does not cover these fundamental basics. Thank you Jane for making it so easy to improve my riding,

Jan Coombs (UK)

Horse Properties - A management guide is a great book for getting you started on the subject of sustainable horse property management. It covers lots of great subjects that I did not realise I was even interested in until I read it! I am now working my way through The Equicentral System Series books since wetting my appetite with this one.

Robert Banks (USA)

$54.95 USD