The Horse Rider's Mechanic Course - Paperback - American Dollars

This course includes:

  • 6 modules (written lessons and videos) containing all of the information you need to improve your position and balance rapidly.

  • Both HRM Workbooks as Paperbacks and as PDFs - please note, this price is for postage of the books to UK, USA, Australia and Western Europe only, please contact me - [email protected] for the price of postage to other countries.

  • Membership of the (private) Horse Rider's Mechanic Facebook Group - an exclusive online group where you can discuss your particular riding issues/post photos and/or videos.

  • Supplementary articles and videos to help you learn even more: extra information that supports the main subjects to help you and your horse improve and grow your partnership together. This content will keep growing!

  • Assessments for each module. Check your progress so that you keep moving in the right direction.

  • A mobile app so that you can learn on the move.

  • In addition, you receive the very popular Equiculture book - Horse Properties - A Management Guide (as a PDF).

Once you have purchased this course you will have lifetime access, any new additions will automatically be yours.

And of course you get our Equiculture money back guarantee, we are only happy when you are happy!

What People Are Saying:

I love, love, love this method of improving your riding, I love step by step guides and this literally ticks all the boxes.

Julie Spencer - USA

I came across Jane Myers - The HRM - a few years ago and have not looked back since, I love the simple to follow format in particular - my riding has improved so much!

Jane Banks - UK

Thank you Jane, your amazingly simple explanations have helped my riding out of sight, I also now teach this stepwise method to my own clients.

Petra Green - Australia

$239.99 USD