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Horse Properties - a Management Guide

This book is a guide to the sustainable management of a horse property.

Available in PAPERBACK and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out and taken anywhere that you would a book!

About this book...

This book is a guide to the sustainable management of a horse property.

It covers the horse characteristics that you need to understand in order to manage horses and the land that they live on.

It also covers a fresh approach to land management that encompasses horse welfare, good environmental management and time/budget saving strategies.

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We call this method The Equicentral System and we have been teaching horse owners about this system for several years now, in fact horse owners around the world have implemented this horse and land management system to great effect and it is fast becoming regarded as the smart way to manage horses and land.

Do yourself, your horses, and the land that they live on a favour and read this book!

This book is an abbreviated version of The Equicentral System Book 2: Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses.

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Naomi Towanon - Amazon customer

''This book is a must read for anyone wanting a sustainable way of keeping horses. It is an easy to read, logical explanation of how horses eat and rest; and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage to get the most out of your pastures all year round. I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns horses''

This book in PDF format. £15.95 GBP - purchase now and you can start reading straightaway!

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This book in Paperback format $25.95 GBP - includes shipping. You also receive the PDF version for free!

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Our Paperback books are printed and posted from within the USA, UK, W Europe and Aus, the price includes postage to these countries/areas plus Canada and NZ (please contact [email protected] for other countries/areas).

About the authors

Jane Myers MSc (Equine) studied the grazing behaviour of horses at the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Edinburgh) - a world leader in veterinary education, research, and clinical practice.

Jane and Stuart have been horse owners/managers for many years. They have lived and kept horses in various climates ranging from temparate (warm/wet/cold) to tropical (hot/wet and hot/dry).

They have spent many years teaching horse owners around the world about better ways of keeping horses.

They were recipients of a Churchill Fellowship in 2012 to further study the subject of sustainability and horses.

They are the authors of several books about horses including titles published by CSIRO in Australia.

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