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The Equiculture Course

You get 8 information packed modules (see below) which include all of our books and videos about Sustainable Horsekeeping, plus exclusive membership of a private Facebook group to guide you through the materials and so much more to help you and your horse.

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The Equiculture Course includes:

Module 1 - Welcome to the course, plus Horses - Past, Present and Future, plus Horse Behaviour, Welfare and Lifestyle...

This module starts with some introductions to the course and then on to some information about The Equicentral System and the people behind it, there is also a glossary of terms. Then on to Horses: past, present and future. Then on to - Horse behaviour, welfare and lifestyle

Horses - past, present and future

  • Article - Intro to Horse Ownership: Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical (H.O.R.S.E)
  • Video - Introductory video
  • Article - How ‘traditional’ practices developed
  • Article - Issues for modern horse owners
  • Article - The way forward/Sustainable horsekeeping
  • Article - A new era of horse-ownership by Gemma Holmes

Horse behaviour, welfare and lifestyle

  • Article - Naturally-living v domestic-living horses
  • Article - The herd behaviour of horses
  • Article - The grazing and pasture behaviour of horses
  • Article - Recognising stress in domestic horses
  • Article - Enrichment for domestic horses
  • Article - Feeding confined horses
  • Article - Ideas for extra exercise
  • Article - Changing a horse to ‘ad-lib’ feeding
  • Articles - Justine Harrison on enrichment
  • Article - Introducing horses to herd living
  • Articles - Justine Harrison on herd living/equine aggression management
  • Article - Help! Our turnout is limited - Justine Harrison & Jennifer Taylor
  • Article - Justine Harrison on grazing muzzles
  • Article - Helping horses to be happy and healthy by Emily McDonald
  • Article - Exploring Welfare: More than just a shiny coat - Suzanne Rogers
  • Articles - Justine Harrison on stereotypies
  • Article - The Behavioural Needs of Older Horses by Equine Behaviourist - Catherine Bell
  • Video + articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on safer grazing

Module 2 - Horses and Land Degradation and Land Improvement plus Stories from other Equicentrics...

This Module starts with a section about Horses and land degradation and land improvement - and then has a section called Stories and tips from other Equicentrics - Read real-life stories and watch videos from people around the world who have implemented The Equicentral System with their own horses...

Horses and land degradation and land improvement: The effects of land degradation are many and they often have repercussions far beyond the immediate surroundings of the land in question. The easily visible signs of land degradation are bare soil, dust, mud, weed infestations and soil erosion, as well as dead or dying trees. Land degradation is a common sight on land on which horses are kept. The effects are not always so easy to see at first glance, and even if they can be seen, they are not necessarily attributed to land degradation...

Land degradation and land improvement

  • Article - Horses and land degradation
  • Article - Bare/compacted soil, erosion and salinity
  • Article - Soil - the bare minimum you need to know
  • Article - Turning land degradation around
  • Article - Too much water/mud
  • Article - Not enough water/drought
  • Article - Weeds - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Article - Horses degrade rural land…or do they? By Tim O’Donnell
  • Video - Sophia talking about improving an old track
  • Article - Stuart Myers - How and when to compensate for failing pastures?
  • Articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on pasture renovation
  • Video - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - part 5
  • Ebook - Native pasture - Australia
  • Article + publications + links - Drought Management

Stories and tips from other Equicentrics

  • Article + Video - An Equicentric Year by Sophia Strang Steel
  • Article - On the right track - by Cristina Wilkins
  • Article - Bale grazing for winter Fjord feeding and pasture improvement
  • Video - Max Easey talking about her land
  • Video - Max Easey talking about her paddocks
  • Video - Max Easey talking about rubber mats
  • Video - Dawn talking about her second grazing area
  • Video - Dawn talking about her loafing yard
  • Video - Dawn talking about her automatic electric gate
  • Video - Dawn talking about her land

Module 3 - Horses and Pasture Plants...

This module teaches you about Horses and Pasture Plants - When you watch your horse graze, you are correct in thinking that this is the most natural way for your horse to feed itself. Millions of years of evolution have created this harmonious, symbiotic relationship between grazing animals (your horse) and plants. Plants also benefit from this relationship, just as the horse relies on plants for nutrients those plants rely on the action of grazing to promote growth and reproduction...

Horses and pasture plants

  • Video - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - part 1
  • Video - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - part 2
  • Article - Introduction to Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses
  • Article - The benefits of pasture
  • Article - The importance of biodiversity
  • Article - Pasture plants in their natural environment
  • Article - Pasture plant characteristics
  • Article - Pasture plant stages of growth
  • Article - Misinformation about horses and pasture
  • Article - The importance of healthy pasture plants
  • Article - Creating suitable pasture

Module 4 - Grazing management and grazing systems plus Conservation/regenerative grazing...

Grazing management and grazing systems - As a horse owner and land manager, you need to nurture and maintain your pasture in much the same way that a farmer would. Farmers require high energy (high sugar) plants for maximum productivity, conversely most horse owners/managers require low energy (low sugar) plants. However, the principles for managing pasture plants is the same in many aspects, whether you want to grow high energy or low energy plants...

  • Video - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - part 3
  • Article - Grazing management
  • Article - Stocking rates
  • Article - Grazing management systems/Set-stocking
  • Article - Rotational grazing
  • Article - Limited grazing
  • Article - Strip/block grazing
  • Article - Cross/mixed grazing
  • Article - Pasture maintenance/mowing
  • Article - Pasture maintenance/harrowing
  • Article - Conserving pasture
  • Article - What is The Equicentral System? by Jane and Stuart Myers
  • Video - Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - part 4
  • Article - The Equicentral System - how it works
  • Article - The Equicentral System benefits
  • Article - Implementing The Equicentral System
  • Article - Minimising laneways/temporary laneways
  • Video + articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on pasture management

Conservation/regenerative grazing

  • Magazine - The Grazing Advice Partnerships on conservation grazing with ponies
  • Publication - Natural grazing Practices in the rewilding of cattle & horses
  • Publication - Rewilding horses in Europe - Background and guidelines + Action plan
  • Article - The Wicken Fen Vision: grazing an evolving landscape

Module 5 - Horses and manure plus Additional expert contributors articles etc...

Manure is a valuable bi-product on a horse property, yet it is often considered as a waste or, at best, as a disposal nuisance. With a little thought and planning, it is possible to use this manure advantageously; in fact manure should be viewed as 'black gold' on a horse property...

Horses and manure

  • Article - Horses and manure
  • Article - The ‘dunging behaviour’ of horses
  • Article - Managing pasture manure and parasitic worms
  • Article - Dung beetles and other insects
  • Article - Picking up manure in paddocks
  • Article - Composting manure
  • Article - Composting worms - vermicomposting
  • Article - Chickens and horses
  • Article - Using improved manure
  • Article - Managing surplus manure
  • (AUS) Report - Integrated Pest Management for the horse farm by RIRDC
  • (AUS) Factsheets (8) Horses: Bugs and Beetles - Dr Bernard Doube
  • (UK) Factsheets (2) Dr Beynon's Bug Farm - About Dung Beetles and Horses
  • (NZ) Report - The Dung Beetle Project
  • Video - Max Easey talking about her muck heap
  • Video - Max Easey talking about a paddock manure solution
  • Articles - Horses for Clean Water, Alayne Blickle (USA) on manure

Additional expert contributors articles etc.

  • Article - The signs of Laminitis - Katy Watts
  • Ebook - Affluent Malnutrition Dr Carol Hughes
  • Article - Respiratory Health by Sharon Smith
  • Article - The Secret to Healthy Horses? Keep it Simple! - Dr Getty
  • Article - Respect the power of the horses instincts - Dr Getty
  • Article - Forage Deprivation Keeps Your Horse Fat – The Research - Dr Getty
  • Article - What Every Horse Needs, Period. - Dr Getty
  • Video - The Knepp Tree Hay Project - Ted Green - Knepp Castle
  • Articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on bedding and rubber stall mats
  • Article - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on slow feeders
  • Articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on fire preparedness
  • Articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on buying a horse property

Module 6 - Horses and vegetation/trees plus Horses and water...

A horse property should be a biodiverse haven containing many different species of vegetation. Creating this is one simple way to transform people’s perceptions about horsekeeping from negative to positive and help them to understand that a horse property can be an environmental asset... Clean water is essential for healthy land and healthy horses. Pasture needs abundant water if it is to survive and thrive; without water, pasture will not grow at all. In turn a horse needs access to clean drinking water 24 hours a day. A single horse drinks between 5-50 litres a day which amounts to up to 19,000 litres of water a year. Water intake can vary depending on the ambient heat/humidity and the amount of work and subsequent sweating a horse does. Feed also influences water consumption, drier feeds require more water for digestion therefore horses eating green grass will drink less than horses eating hay...

Horses and vegetation/trees

  • Article - Horses and vegetation/benefits
  • Article - Fodder trees and bushes
  • Article - Trees and bushes as habitat for wildlife
  • Article - Windbreaks and firebreaks
  • Article - Revegetation of steeper land
  • Article - Easy areas to increase vegetation
  • Article - Buying and planting
  • Article - Protecting vegetation from horses
  • Article - Poisonous trees and plants
  • Article - Lawn mower clippings
  • Video + articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on weeds and poisonous plants
  • Article - Ragwort a message from the soil - by Esther Hegt
  • PDF book - Plants Poisonous to Horses - An Australian Field Guide
  • Video - Max Easey talking about her trees
  • Video + articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on vegetation

Horses and water

  • Article - Horses and water/The natural system
  • Article - Conserving water
  • Article - Water problems
  • Article - Sources of water
  • Article - Storage of water
  • Article - Using water
  • Article - Planning for clean water
  • Articles - Horses for Clean Water, Alayne Blickle (USA) on water

Module 7 - Horse property planning and development...

Building horse facilities is an expensive operation. Therefore, planning what you are going to have built, or build yourself, is an important first step. Time spent in the planning stage will help to save time and money later on. This course will help you to make the correct decisions and spend money on the right things...

Horse property planning and development

  • Introduction to Horse Property Planning and Development
  • Video - Horse Property Planning and Development - Introduction
  • Article - Holding yards
  • Video - Holding yards
  • Article - Shade and shelter
  • Video - Shade and shelter
  • Article - Stables
  • Video - Stables
  • Article - Other buildings/facilities
  • Video - Other buildings/facilities
  • Article - Fences and gates (part a)
  • Article - Fences and gates (part b)
  • Article - Riding arenas and training yards
  • Article - Planning 1 - The various factors to consider
  • Article - Planning 2 - Planning horse property infrastructure
  • Article - Planning 3 - Horse facility positioning
  • Article - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on fencing
  • Video + articles - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on footings & mud
  • Article - HCW, Alayne Blickle (USA) on selecting a round pen
  • Video - Max Easey talking about her loafing yard
  • Links - The Chronical of the Horse Magazine - Farm Design articles

Module 8 - Equicentral Livery, Boarding and Agistment, Info guides and full PDFs of books...

Stories and accounts from livery/boarding/agistment owners plus, Publications from local government/natural resource management bodies around the UK. Other countries will be added in time. Plus the full books as PDFs.

Equicentral livery/boarding/agistment

  • Article - Does Equicentral livery work? By April Chalklin-Costa (UK)
  • Article - Brimham Park - a success story in Victoria, Australia
  • Video - Max Easey talking about creating a 2nd EC yard for livery
  • Article - The Making of Split Rock Mountain (AUS) by Carol Stephens - Part 1
  • Article - The Making of Split Rock Mountain (AUS) by Carol Stephens - Part 2
  • Article - The Making of Split Rock Mountain (AUS) by Carol Stephens - Part 3
  • Article - Prior Paddocks Equicentral journey (AUS)

Information guides from local councils/AONB's etc. UK

  • Fact sheet (UK Gov) - Managing wetlands by grazing
  • Factsheet (UK Gov) - Farming rules for water, manure, soil
  • Book/guide - Managing Land for Horses - Kent Downs AONB
  • Article - The Million Ponds Project - UK

The books in full as PDFs

The Equiculture Course includes:

The Equicentral System Series book 1 (as a PDF: - you will be given the option to buy the books as additional paperbacks for a discount on the usual price at checkout). This book brings together much of the current research and thinking on responsible, sustainable, ethical horsekeeping so that you can make informed choices when it comes to your own horse management practices.

''Amazing - this book got me really thinking, cannot wait to read the others!'' - Jean Cooper - Seattle, USA.

The Equicentral System Series book 2 (PDF): Armed with knowledge it is possible to make a few simple changes to your management system to produce healthy, horse friendly pasture, which in turn leads to healthy, happy horses. If you own or manage horses you owe it to them to learn about what is very important to them - grazing.

''This book has taught me more than I could ever have imagined, I thought I already knew about horses and land management - but I didn't.'' Peter Holmes - Queensland, AUS.

The Equicentral System Series book 3 (PDF): Good design leads to better living and working spaces. Learn how to design a property that will work well for you and your chosen horse pursuit, keep your horses healthy and happy, enhance the environment and be pleasing to the eye, all at the same time!

''This book has probably saved me 50 thousand pounds! I was about to build all sorts of buildings, thinking knew what was needed, but now I will build what is right for the horses, rather than what I thought was right for the horses!'' Sarah Brown, Hampshire, UK.

The Equiculture - Buying a Horse Property Book (PDF): Buying a horse property is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make. Therefore, it is very important that you get it right. There are many factors to consider and there may be compromises that have to be made. This guide to buying a horse property will help you to make many of those very important decisions.

''Get this book, seriously, you need this book if you are buying a horse property!'' Karen Sykes - Gippsland, AUS.

Also included are the videos that support the books. We are also adding new videos all the time as we work through The Equicentral System Materials in the GUIDED LEARNING.

And that is not all! There are lots more sections. There is so much material but don't worry you will be guided through it in the online group which you are eligible to join as soon as you sign up!

As soon as you sign up you can join the PRIVATE Facebook group EQUICULTURE Central. This group is where the GUIDED LEARNING take place. You can also post about your own particular problems and issues and get help.

Guided Learning in the group is ongoing with no start or end date - you just start at the beginning and work your way through and as you go you get support from Jane and Stuart Myers and the other amazing group members who range from inexperienced horse owners to very experienced. Many of the members are professionals including vets, trimmers, ecologists, equine behaviourists, nutritionists and many other equine experts!

There is also a dedicated Mobile app for the course so that you can watch/learn/listen while on the move...

So, would you like to sign up? This really is a very special course at a very special price...

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You will enjoy guided learning via the group. This means additions to your materials package plus input from us in the group - working through the materials with you, to make sure you fully understand.

It is up to you, we already have a lot of material for you and we will be adding new material as we go on, so you can learn at your own pace.

There is a HUGE amount of material, for some the sheer volume could be overwhelming! This is why we have decided to present it in this way (as a course with the addition of GUIDED LEARNING in a private group) so that we can guide you through it and you can learn at your own pace with the support of other members. We promise you that if you work through these materials with us you will be a FAR more knowledgeable horse owner than you were before! Your horses would thank you if they could!

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Just a few of hundreds of testimonials about Equiculture:

"The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now more involved in our improved horse 'lifestyle'." - Julie Spencer (USA)

"Forget micromanagement, go Equicentral and embrace macromanagement then sit back and watch the horses thrive. It's a revelation." - April Chalklin-Costa - Puckshott Farm Livery (UK) 

"Keeping horses in this practical way has done wonders for my horses and my land, it has left me feeling good about what I am doing. I just love all the fabulous, practical information in these books. I keep telling all of my friends about The Equicentral System hoping that they will take up this management system up as well." - Karen Shaw (USA)

"I went to one of the talks in Taree a couple of years ago, (rather arrogantly thinking I'd know most of it already). It was life changing for me, my horses, and my paddocks. I now enjoy smugly comparing the biodiversity on my place compared to the neighbours! - Kathryn (Australia)

"My biggest surprise is that we can have an arrangement that makes feeding, etc. super easy for the humans who have full time day jobs (the horses come to us!), while at the same time it is the best thing for our land! Doesn't get better than that!" - Dorothy Nuess (Australia)

You can read more endorsements here including accounts about the management of laminitic horses...

So, what are you waiting for?

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What have you got to lose? We know you will love it.

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Who are we and why is this course so affordable?

We are Jane Myers and Stuart Myers from Equiculture and we have been researching, writing and teaching about Sustainable Horse Management for many years, having owned horses for over 45 years.

We have taught horse management to literally tens of thousands of horse owners and horse managers around the world.

This course contains everything we have learned about this subject over time. 

However this course is not only our work, it also contains contributions from leading experts from all around the world who all share our commitment to the welfare of horses.

It has been a passion of ours, our life's work. As well as the welfare of horses we are passionate about the environment. It is for these reasons that we wanted to make this course affordable for any horse owner/manager. So you get our products that are sold separately for hundreds of pounds or dollars! We genuinely want as many people as possible to learn about better ways of keeping horses!

The information contained in this course could save you thousands and will vastly improve the health, well-being and 'lifestyle' of your horses. At the same time it will help you to improve the ENVIRONMENT, something that every person on the planet is becoming more aware of on a daily basis, it is therefore priceless.

If you value your horses, and your own well-being, and the environment, you should at least have a look...


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