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Buying a Horse Property book

Buying a horse property is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make.

Available in PAPERBACK and PDF format (start reading straightaway). A PDF can be printed out and taken anywhere that you would a book!

This 102 page book in PDF format - £15.95 GBP - start reading straightaway.

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This 102 page book in Paperback format - £25.95 GBP includes shipping.

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This book is included in the Equiculture - Responsible Horse Owners Resource.

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Our Paperback books are printed and posted from within the USA, UK, W Europe and Aus, the price includes postage to these countries/areas plus Canada and NZ (please contact [email protected] for other countries/areas).

About this book...

Buying a horse property is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make.

Therefore, it is very important that you get it right. There are many factors to consider and there may be compromises that have to be made.

This guide to buying a horse property will help you to make many of those very important decisions.

Decisions include factors such as whether to buy developed or undeveloped land? Whether to buy a smaller property nearer the city or a larger property in a rural area?

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"Amazing book. This book covers all the things you know about buying a property and all the things you don't know and would probably not even think of! It was very eye opening to say the least. I love the checklist in the book. It is a very comprehensive little book. It has so much information packed into it in an easy to read way. I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about buying a horse property or any property. Such a wealth of information."

Naomi Towan

"I was lucky enough to be a fence sitter at one of Jane's Independent Seat Clinics. As clear and constructive her instructions where at that clinic, that's how clearly written this book is. Even if you already own a property, you'd like to read this book! Informative point by point covering all aspects you'd need to look into when considering a suitable horse property. But why not make use of Jane's brilliant insight to make changes to an existing property! Definitely a book to have on the bookshelf."

Barefoot Clydie - Aus

"Thank you! I thought I knew what questions to ask when looking to buy a horse property but this excellent book gave me a more thorough guide including a checklist of questions to ask the vendor. Its a massive decision to make when investing in a property but with choices made around location, ideas, plans and the future potential of a property, you can save heaps of money. These choices are outlined within the book. Excellent, easily read book and I highly recommend it."

Heather B - UK

"....make it the one you're damn glad you bought! This is one of the best references I have come across to help guide you in making sensible decisions regarding your horse property, from every perspective and every budget. Across the world, there are many horse properties that are wholly inappropriate for horses, for many reasons. Whether you're starting with a clean slate, or looking to take on established facilities, this book will help ensure you make the right choices, for you and your horses."

Jayne Roberts - Kindle customer

Other factors that you need to think about include the size and layout of the property, the pastures and soil, access to riding areas, the water supply, and any possible future proposals for the area.

These subjects and many more are covered in this book.

A useful checklist is also provided so that you can ask the right questions before making this very important decision.

If you are buying a horse property, you cannot afford to miss out on the invaluable information in this book!

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"So many great pictures and such a straightforward way of explaining how to work out what is important, and what is not."

Kirsty Smithers, Australia

"I wish this very informative book had been out when I bought my first horse property, it would have saved me a lot of anguish. I love the check list and I am using it as we look for our next horse property."

Vicky Speed, USA

"An excellent book to read. Please read this book prior to contemplating purchasing a horse property. It is very descriptive from the first thing you need to consider, to the last phase of purchasing property!"

Amazon customer

"This book is clearly written and covers features of horse property buying that shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated. You could save thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache by taking its advice on possible pitfalls and where you can compromise."

Jenny - Amazon customer

"I am really interested in property and this book sparked my interest in particular. As the author points out there is a lot more to think about than when just buying a house. I really loved the layout of the book and found it easy to follow. Thank you to the author."

Amazon customer

"This book has brought up so many points that I just would not have thought about if I had not read it. Such as not paying for facilities that are already in need of replacement and weighing up distance from my workplace v more acres. Thanks a million!"

Bob Nevel, UK

"A very comprehensive, easy to read and understand book, packed with useful information. Some things I would never have thought about when buying properties especially in suburbia. A definite must-read for anyone contemplating buying a horse property whether out in the bush or closer to town and certainly gave me a taste for more of Jane's books."

Roz Bergman - Amazon customer

This 102 page book in PDF format - £15.95 GBP - start reading straightaway.

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This 102 page book in Paperback format - £25.95 GBP includes shipping.

Buy now...

This book is included in the Equiculture - Responsible Horse Owners Resource.

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Our Paperback books are printed and posted from within the USA, UK, W Europe and Aus, the price includes postage to these countries/areas plus Canada and NZ (please contact [email protected] for other countries/areas).

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About the authors

Jane Myers MSc (Equine) studied the grazing behaviour of horses at the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Edinburgh) - a world leader in veterinary education, research, and clinical practice.

Jane and Stuart have been horse owners/managers for many years. They have lived and kept horses in various climates ranging from temparate (warm/wet/cold) to tropical (hot/wet and hot/dry).

They have spent many years teaching horse owners around the world about better ways of keeping horses.

They were recipients of a Churchill Fellowship in 2012 to further study the subject of sustainability and horses.

They are the authors of several books about horses including titles published by CSIRO in Australia.

Find out more about them here...

"I was disappointed when I received this book... I thought it was too thin and that I wasn't getting my money's worth. How wrong was I !! Packed full of useful tips and points, I quickly read it cover to cover. It didn't need to be any thicker. Along with the other complementary books, this collection forms part of my most regularly visited reference library. I take the collection with me to recommend to my clients. Highly recommended."

Faith Robinsonon - Amazon customer

"I never realized how many different things you need to consider and think on before purchasing horse property. This book was so thorough and so insightful! I thankful to have read it and now know that when looking owing for the 'dream' horse property I know where to go for my resources!! Even if owning horse property is something you only dream about - this book will teach you so much. It's also helpful to know what the good and bad is in seeing other peoples properties. Thank you for wring and sharing this with those of us passionate enough to own or want to own horses!"

Beth Gillahan

"I actually bought the whole series of publications from Jane and Stuart Myers and cannot recommend them highly enough. They cover everything from information on buying your property, setting it up in the best possible way for the horses, you and the land and also how to maintain the land while ensuring your horses have an idyllic existence. I am currently developing a new property in Tasmania, Australia and am incorporating many of Jane and Stuart's equicentral concepts to create the best possible environment for the horses and ensuring the land is the best it can be. I cannot recommend any of the books they have written highly enough - the information is invaluable."

Jan Barratt - AUS

"Buying a horse property can be a daunting task. So many properties are misrepresented and it can be easy to be overwhelmed and bamboozled when viewing properties. So much to consider and it can be hard to discern what you should look for and what you should ask and you can feel like you don't have anyone on your side... Until now. Jane writes with a wealth of knowledge that comes not only from years of research but from "on the ground" experience. This book is an absolute must for anyone buying a horse property, or even renting one for that matter. Concise, easy to understand and fabulously written this is one book that should be firmly tucked under the arm of anyone venturing out looking for property!!!"

Rebecca Seager

"This book by the Equiculture team – Jane and Stuart Myers, covers the practicalities that need to be considered when shopping for and deciding to buy a horse property. The book takes a quick but informative look at what should be considered. Topics covered include how lifestyle decisions can lead to purchasing a horse property and whether such an investment is a good one. For those interested in buying, the topics of the buyer’s budget, property location and size, facilities and layout, pastures and soil, natural features and much more are considered. A checklist of questions to ask the vendor are included for those who are in the process of seeking out a property to buy. Jane and Stuart are focused on sustainable horse properties and this book encourages such an outlook when looking to purchase a property. It contains a lot of valuable information and points readers to other resources where more information of value can be found. An insightful read from someone who hopes to put the information to good use in the future!"

Christine Meunier - AUS

"A very comprehensive, interesting read. The book is set out logically and the information is very readable: informal in style yet seriously thought provoking. Definitely a book I wish we had read before buying our property 12 years ago! There is a great checklist to consider for would-be buyers and the photos illustrate well the points in the text. The chapters include an overview of lifestyle considerations (I particularly liked that this focused on other family members' needs and requirements both now and in the future, something we focused horse-people don't always stop to think about!), looking for and viewing a potential property and all the considerations involved, through to legal issues, insurance, and even tips to make moving in less stressful for everyone concerned. I particularly liked the sustainability approach throughout (a hallmark of the Myers) and the wealth of resources and links the book contains. A lot of information to consider, so well worth several reads if you are looking for your perfect horse property. I am quite new to reading books in pdf. format but this was a pleasant surprise - very readable in this format. Thank you."


"This is the book I wish I had had before I bought our horse property. Buying or developing land for horses is/can be a very expensive exercise and this book will help a lot with optimizing your chances or getting it right and on budget. So much is covered in an easy to read format. As I read it I had a lot of times when I went- yes that is exactly what we didnt consider and should have and fortunately had a few 'got that right' moments as well. This book is a fab resource if you are considering buying your first property that will have horses on it, changing locations, upgrading or even if you have bought lots of horse properties before. It doesnt read like just a check list as there is plenty of discussion to keep it interesting. It does however give a clear guide as to what to consider right through from the 'just looking phase' to the butterflies in the tummy sign on the dotted line D day and beyond. I would think it would be relevant to any location/ country as the concepts are generic even if some of the details may alter place to place. Even if you already own, but are still developing, your horse property this book has lots of useful information. Highly recommend."

Tracy - Kindle customer


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