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The evolution of a horse husband (Part 1)

horse husband horses Apr 02, 2021
The evolution of a horse husband (Part 1)

Over the next few months I would like to share with you my journey in becoming a fully qualified horse husband.

First an overview of horse husbandry in general:

He learns to live with horse hair-filled underwear as inevitably they end up in the wash with some items of horse equipment.

He smiles sweetly when asked that the new fencing/shelter just has to be finished this week.

He smiles even more sweetly when told the fencing/shelter that took many hours to erect/repair a few weeks ago, is actually in the wrong place and must be moved ASAP.

He learns to love getting home from work and slipping on his wellies to feed the horses in the howling wind and torrential rain.

He enjoys the challenge of finding that earthing problem on several miles of electric fencing.

He is secretly proud the first time he works out which way a rug or a halter should go on and confidently puts on a bridle without fear of losing a finger.

He finally has his first ride without crushed nuts. All subsequent trail rides are spent imagining himself to be John Wayne/Robin Hood etc. and he is just waiting to be ambushed by bandits/Dick Turpin.

He cherishes those moments when his significant other doesn’t smell of horses/manure or doesn't have hay in her hair or on her clothes.

He doesn't mind living somewhere where the nearest pub is a 30 min drive away.

He enjoys any excuse to use machinery such as tractors, earth movers, chain saws etc.

He pretends to enjoy endless hours of preparation for a show/event. Then cheerfully spends a day sitting outside the horse trailer/horsebox offering words of encouragement at appropriate moments and tries to put a positive spin on the days' disaster.

When money is tight, he claims doesn’t need a holiday this year and would rather spend some quality time on fixing up a few things on the property.

He doesnt mind that she always forgets his birthday, but somehow remembers all of her horses’ birthdays, plus what time of the day they were born.

He is happy to sell this place and move even further out if it means getting a bit more grass for the horses.

He learns not to mind that the car is full of hay/feed and various bits of horse equipment…..who needs a nice car anyway when you can have an old four-wheel drive instead.

And finally when you are not looking, he sneaks out for some quality time with ‘his’ horses and hopes you don’t notice when he does.

A full timeline of my actual journey will follow in subsequent months.

Stuart Myers xxx

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