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The best thing I ever bought - my ebike...

fitness health Feb 11, 2021
Ebikes at Whitby

I first bought an ebike (electric bike) when we still lived in Australia but we were traveling full time, living in a caravan, providing our Equiculture workshops up and down the country. We were struggling to get regular exercise and stay fit because we were spending so much time on the road traveling from workshop to workshop. The heat in summer made walking difficult and not very enjoyable because I had lost a LOT of strength due to having extensive treatment for cancer in 2012.

I thought I would need one just for a while until I got fitter again, and then switch back to a 'proper' bike, however that was before I fully understood what a difference having an ebike makes. Now I know that once converted, most people never go back.

Before I got one, Stuart would have to wait for me whenever we had to cycle up a hill. When I got one I would have to wait for Stuart whenever we had to cycle up a hill. Then he saw the light and got one too!

So, ebikes equalise riders because if you have two riders that have different fitness levels they can both still go on the same ride at the same speeds. This is a big advantage because when you ride with someone else, one of you tends to be fitter than the other.

Current research is showing that owners of ebikes are far more likely to ride their bike and for longer. The end result is that riders get fitter simply because they are more likely to keep riding. Have a read of this article -

Just like with many new ideas and concepts there are myths that have to be overcome. Many cycling purists (and even people who never cycle) think that to ride and bike is 'cheating'. This is definitely not the case.

Here is a good article to dispel the myth the riding an ebike is cheating

You still have to pedal (the bike does not work like a scooter or motorbike), and you still work up hills, but instead of having to get off and push your bike up steep hills (which most people would need to do unless they are very fit) you keep going. This means that you end up rider much further and faster (up hills) than you would without one.

The area that we currently live in (the Yorkshire Dales, UK) is VERY steep, but so far I have not come across a hill that I cannot stay on my bike and ride up. This means that I often go on rides that are between 30 to 50 miles (in very hilly country). Even when I was younger and very fit I would not have ridden on the rides that I do now.

My bike is allowing me to experience rides that I would never have imagined I could do. I cannot tell you how wonderful that is.

This picture was taken last summer, on a beautiful day, halfway around a 32-mile ride with Stuart and friends, overlooking Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire. Bliss!

Ebikes are also great if you are not able to cycle regularly, (due to work, injury etc.). The extra help is there when you need it but as you getting fitter you just use less of the bike's power and more of your own.

Ebikes are making it possible for people to ride into older age than they could have without one. I was chatting to someone the other day who had stopped riding with their cycling club in their 70's but now he has an ebike he has been able to rejoin his cycling club and keep up with the younger guys, he is now in his eighties! Stories such as this are common.

So as you can no doubt tell, I am a BIG fan of electric bikes. If you have been wondering whether to take the plunge yourself I would say, do it, you will love it too!

Update: people have asked me about my own bike and if I have any recommendations. I have done quite a bit of research over the years. Bosch motors are generally regarded as the best. My own bike is a KTM Macina Sport with a Performance line CX Bosch motor (mid line).

Jane xxx

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