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Hi from Lockdown Land - a new puppy!

dogs general Jan 15, 2021
Covid puppy

Welcome to my first blog post. We are now in the middle of the 3rd Covid lockdown in the UK. It is pretty scary here in the UK, with the numbers of cases rising rapidly and the hospitals becoming overrun.

But all you can do is soldier on... bake lots of bread (me and about 30 million other brits - hence the flour shortage), and in our case, get a puppy (actually, that is not an original idea either, hundreds of thousands have opted to get a puppy since Covid started)!

We have a Lakeland Terrier puppy arriving tomorrow! Even though we are in a Covid lockdown breeders are still allowed to deliver a puppy for animal welfare reasons. It has been a few years since we have owned a dog due to us living on the road for 6 years up until settling back in the UK (to be near ageing parents) after 25 or so years in Australia. Before that we always had dogs, several at a time, and always medium to large.

We have named him Byron, after Byron Bay, one of our favourite places in Australia.

Meet Byron at 6 weeks (when he was still with the breeder).

I am looking forward to getting into dog agility or something else competitive. This new phase (dog ownership) actually started at the end of the 1st UK lockdown when we got a Jack Russell cross puppy (Jessie) for my mother. We share her, she lives at my mums (nearby) but we take care of her daily longer walks and training. When my mum is no longer able to have her she will live with us permanently.

We were determined that Jessie would not become a terrorist and now, at 10 months she is an absolute delight. She is the 1st small dog I have owned and I must say, I am smitten.

This is Jessie as a 12 week old pup (Aussies notice the toy Koala in the background)!

So if you are going to be tied with one, you may as well be tied with two (was my argument to Stuart). He capitulated when I met a breeder who was walking some Lakeland Terriers (like small Airedale Terriers) in our local park, I got chatting to him and he happened to have a litter that was 5 weeks old - and the rest is history.

Just one more sleep to go (and then probably several sleepless nights)! I love training horses and dogs. What is really exciting is how the dog world is so advanced in positive training. So this is going to be a chance to really immerse myself in this new world. My previous experience of positive training with horses will no doubt help, but I have lots to learn about the application of positive training to dogs. There is a lot of free help on the internet but I will probably also enrol on an online course.

I will keep you posted with my progress of training Jessie and Byron using positive training methods through this blog. Pretty much every horse person is also a dog person so I am sure you will be interested.

I am also going to be sharing other (life) tips. Such as some of my trials and tribulations with healthy eating, staying healthy and well (in my case after a serious illness), and trying to stay happy despite the heartache that surrounds us all, especially now.

We now know many people who have had Covid, some have recovered and some have not. We have even lost a much-loved family member - Stuart's cousin who was only in his 40s. just like everyone else we are desperate for the Covid Pandemic to end.

Stay strong, be kind and please keep in touch, bye for now...

Jane xxx

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