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cooking food Jan 24, 2021
Jane and Stuart Myers, Equiculture

First of all an insight into how we (Stuart and I) cook and have done for over 40 years. Of course, we have improved what we do over that time. I certainly would not like to sit down to a meal prepared by my 18-year-old self, but the interest was there for low budget (because we had no money!), healthy, tasty food, even then.

I have always been into healthy eating but much more so as I have got older and learned more about food production, pesticide use etc. So there are certain features that encapsulate my/our cooking regimes that you might find interesting:

  • I am interested in organic food, wholefood, fermented food etc.
  • I like to save when I can because such foods can be expensive if you do not shop wisely. I do this by buying certain dried foods (beans/lentils etc.) in bulk.
  • I/we like to cook in bulk so that we always have a tasty meal at our fingertips (in the freezer) if we are too busy to cook from scratch.
  • We make good use of a large slow cooker and a large freezer. Our rationale is it only takes a little longer to make 10 or 20 portions than 1 so you may as well cook in bulk and save time (and expense).
  • We both like tasty, hearty food and we can both put a good satisfying meal together in a very short space of time. Visitors usually go away inspired after eating at our place (or at least that is what they say) :)

So in the cooking entries for this blog I will be talking about how you can streamline your cooking if you wish so that you can perhaps eat healthier food but not necessarily spend more, or in many cases spend less.

Now straight up, I just want to clarify, I am not into 'cheap' food.  I firmly believe farmers should be paid well for producing quality food. But where I can I will cut out the middle man (mainly supermarkets) and buy direct from a food producer or from a business that specialises in supplying people such as myself (more on that later).

One of my hobbies (I do have some geek tendencies) is reading about food production.

I hate food waste, I will very rarely throw food in the bin, I can usually repurpose unused food into something else and I enjoy the challenge of doing so.

I am very interested in reducing plastic packaging and food miles.

We are not vegetarians.  I used to be, vegan in fact, many years ago. Stuart never has been and never will be. But we do eat a lot less meat than most people, myself very little, Stuart more than me (but still less than the average bloke). So our cooking involves lots of wholefoods such as beans, lentils, vegetables etc. This is where you can really save money while at the same time making your means very healthy and also cost-effective.

We also both have to watch our weight. This is very common. But we do not follow a low fat diet. We eat healthy fats in reasonable moderation.

We have dramatically cut sugar from our diet. But we both still enjoy some sweet foods. This is possible when you know how.

That is it for now, I will keep blogging about how and what we cook in more detail now that I have laid out the rationale behind how we buy/cook/eat.

Warm regards, stay safe


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