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Equiculture news and musings from June 2021

dogs general land care Jun 10, 2021
Equiculture Knepp Castle talk

Here is some news from Equiculture in June 2021.

Stuart has just set off to Scotland camping on his motorbike for a couple of weeks (or until rain stops play). Originally he was going to the French Alps but he has had to rein the trip in since Covid. Some of you will remember that we lost my brother in a motorbike accident in 2018. Stuart sold his bike (even though I said not to) while I learned to come to terms with my grief. Last Summer I encouraged him to get another bike because it is his passion, so he did.

My friend is coming to stay for 11 days and we are going to run riot baking bread, visiting cafes, walking, and cycling. We will also be talking non-stop as we have not been able to get together since before Covid. I met her at University years ago, we both did the MSc Equine Science together and have remained firm friends ever since.

Last week we had some very shocking news that a friend who lives nearby, had taken his own life. I cannot believe it and I am devastated for him and of course his family. He was such a caring person, nature lover, and wonderful loving dad. Always there are these reminders that life is fleeting and precious. I know this too well.

Byron is the most amazing chilled dog, which makes me sound like one of those pushy (pup) parents. He is the first dog that I have had that has had a textbook start in life. We didn't/couldn't rescue a dog this time as we still live in rented accommodation (since returning to the UK from Australia), plus, during Covid, once the rescue centres opened again there was a huge demand for dogs.

He is just a delight to train, take out, travel (he goes to sleep as soon as the engine goes on), etc. Don't get me wrong he can be a monkey but he would not be a healthy pup if he wasn't. We love him to bits.

He is happy to just chill, watching the world go by...

We are starting to organise our face-to-face EQUICULTURE talks again post Covid. The first one to be arranged is at Knepp Castle (rewilding project) in Sussex (UK) - you can look at it here on Facebook or go straight to the booking page here We have limited seats to 40 this time (the last one in 2019, was full at 60, it booked out). We hope to see some of you there.

We are arranging others, possibly Norfolk, Buckinghamshire, and the Southhampton area. Will keep you posted.

The last bit of news is that we have released a MEMBERSHIP package that includes all of our products  - you can have look at that here:

Warm regards

Jane xxx

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