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Byron the (temporarily) Broken...

dog health dogs Mar 04, 2021
Equiculture Bryon the broken

Poor Byron, he has broken his leg. Clean through the tibia (the tibia is the large shin bone located between the knee and the ankle/hock). Clean break, no displacement.

He did it on Tuesday while playing with Jessie (12 months old terrier cross).

Rushed him to the vets and he is now sporting a very large leg splint type bandage and has to be on crate rest for a month!

Something I am thankful for...

He is brilliant in a crate. So glad I decided to train him to one. Even though we work at home I wanted him to be happy in a crate just in case. Plus this is where he sleeps at night.


Luckily Byron was already very relaxed about his crate before the accident.

Crates were not a thing the last time we had a puppy. But I read a lot about them this time around and decided it was a no-brainer to train him to be relaxed in one. Many people do not like them but I feel the issue is the same as for stables for horses.

Crates (and stables) can very easily be overused (and very often are) but unless a (domestic) animal is habituated to being confined then they will be stressed if they ever have to be confined due to an injury, a stay at the vets, emergency transportation etc. etc.

So yes, confining an animal to a cage/crate/stable too much (and simply for your own convenience) is cruel and this is where they get a bad name, because too many people vastly over confine their animals. But don't 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'. There may be a time when an animal in your care has to be confined for health reasons, for an emergency or to be moved. If you have trained that animal to not be stressed then they will cope much better. Indeed, it might be a case of 'life and death'.

So training an animal to cope with confinement is a case of:

''preparing for the worst but hoping for the best'' - Benjamin Disraeli

Other things I am thankful for...

I was also thankful that it occurred during the day, mid-week so the vet was readily available. We were able to take him straight in and get him the attention he needed right away.

Lastly, the timing was good, we are still on (Covid) lockdown for another month at least, so it is not as if we are missing anything. We cannot wait to take him to pubs/cafes etc. but they do not resume service for a while yet. Obviously, we will have to curtail the lovely cycling trips were having, but the month will fly by. 

Cannot wait to get back to this! This is what we were up to before the accident. Don't worry, he is well strapped in.


Dithering about insurance. I had been looking into insurance. Having never had it before (for a dog) I was looking into all the pros and cons and had not yet decided which one to use.

Hopefully we will not have to take a mortgage out to pay the final bill! If the splint he is currently wearing works and the bone does not need to be pinned it should not be too bad - we have all our fingers and toes crossed, including Byron's, apart from those on his broken left hind.

So far he is doing really well, calm and sweet as ever. Heck, it hurts to see him hurt though. We can still have cuddles on the couch. He still enjoys watching dog shows on TV and people watching out of the window. With lots of entertainment/enrichment he should be fine.


Luckily he enjoys watching dog training shows on TV (even the ones that are a bit iffy) and people watching out of the window...

Take care

Jane xxx

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