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Note: if you buy the 'pay all at once' version of The Resource - at check out - you will be offered the four books as paperbacks for just the extra cost of printing and postage - this is optional for those people that prefer to read 'real books' rather than PDFs.

MORE DETAILS for the monthly version:

12 monthly payments with the first payment being just $1 (AUD).
● You will receive module 1 straight away.
The 11 remaining modules will be made available to you at 30 day intervals
● Each module includes parts of the books and articles/videos from each of the other sections. 
● You can switch to the one off payment - full membership version - at any time (after the first month you can email us for a discount code for the amount you have already paid on the monthly version).
● You can self cancel your payment if you do not want to continue (and you will lose access to the material at that point).
● After the 12 months/12 payments, the whole content/membership is yours to keep.
● You will also continue to receive updates and new additions throughout and in the future, but you must complete the 12 monthly payments in order to retain access/membership.
● Any questions please just ask [email protected]

So, what are you waiting for?

If you own or manage horses you cannot afford to miss out on this information!

Learn at your own pace, in your own home, at times that suit you.

What have you got to lose? We know you will love it.

Come and join other Equicentrics -
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Who are we and why is this resource so affordable?

We are Jane Myers and Stuart Myers from Equiculture and we have been researching, writing and teaching about Sustainable Horse Management for over 15 years, having owned horses for over 45 years.

We have taught horse management to literally tens of thousands of horse owners and horse managers around the world (including Australia in particular).

This resource contains everything we have learned on the subject over that time. 

However this resource is not just our work, it contains contributions from leading experts from all around the world who all share our commitment to horses.

It has been a passion of ours, our life's work. We care very much about the welfare of horses and are also passionate about the environment. It is for these reasons that we wanted to make this resource affordable for any horse owner/manager.

The information contained in this resource could save you thousands and will vastly improve the health, well-being and 'lifestyle' of your horses, it is therefore priceless.

If you value your horses, you owe it to them to at least have a look...


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