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The Equiculture Video Series

People attend our seminar/workshop again and again - there is so much information to take in and they like to see what new information we have added. By buying our videos you can be kept completely up to date.

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This FREE video series covers...

  • Understanding the horse grazing characteristics that are particularly in relation to their management and land management.
  • What horses are and what they are not.
  • The free-living lifestyle compared to the domestic lifestyle.
  • A bit about the digestive system.
  • Domestic equine paddock behaviour.
  • Equine ‘ time budgets’ and social behaviour - what they do with their day.
  • Good horse and land management starts with an understanding of horse behaviour
  • Why horses do what they do, when they do it and how long they spend doing it
  • The importance of 'the three Fs' - Forage, Friends and Freedom.
  • What is ‘grazing pressure’?
  • More about paddock behaviour.
  • Land degradation problems, mud, dust, erosion etc.
  • What horses do to the land - good and bad.
  • Horses can actually improve pasture...

The Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses Video Series


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Horses and pasture

Pasture would have to be one of the most important features in the life of your horse. You owe it to them to learn as much as possible about it. This 17.30 minute video teaches you about pasture grasses for horses, including:

  • The benefits of pasture, for horses and for the land.
  • The complications that modern horse owners face.
  • Some of the essential things that you need to understand about pasture plants for grazing horses and what you need to be aiming for.

Simple fixes for pasture

This 8.45 minute video teaches you about some very simple - but fabulous - fixes for pasture, utilising mulching and swales.

Mulching and swales are one of the most reward, easy and inexpensive things you can do on your land to repair bare, poached, degraded, eroded soil. Best of all the horses can help you to do it!

Learn about just how easy it is to do this by watching this video.

Horse and land management

This 9.17 minute video covers the preliminry information that you need in order to improve your equine land management, it includes:

  • The importance of Horse Care Systems.
  • About why you need to start regarding yourself as a ‘Grass Farmer’.
  • About the importance of having a ‘holding yard’ or similar.
  • About the importance of keeping horses in herds

Grazing systems

This 28 minute video is all about Grazing Systems - and how you can use them to great benefit for yourself, your horses and your land:

  • Grazing systems - the most effective way to manage your land and produce healthy, SAFER, nutritional pasture for your horses.
  • How to provide an environment for healthy horses and healthy land – a true win win!

The Equicentral System

The Equicentral System, this 29.20 minute video is about bringing it all together with The Equicentral System, the most horse, human and land friendly horse management system there is.

"The Equiculture approach to everything horsey - from how you manage your horses to how you ride - has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now more involved in our improved horse 'lifestyle'."

Julie Spencer USA

"I attended your talk today and I wish I had had the opportunity to hear you speak before I established my horse property a couple of years ago. Everything you said made so much sense. Thank you very much and I hope to learn a lot more from the comprehensive info on your website."

Roberta Clark (Aus)

"How much The Equicentral System has improved the lives of my beloved horses. My old boy was underweight with bad feet not helped by the mud, my NF overweight on bad short grass. Now they have the life they deserve with freedom to roam and choices. Above all they are happy!"

Lozza Lou (UK)

"The biggest and most pleasant surprise was finding that there are horse owners out there that think like me and it's not just a case of me 'being soft' as I was often told. I love this way of living for horses. They work hard for us and they deserve to live like this!"

Joanne McNichol (UK)

"My biggest surprise is that we can have an arrangement that makes feeding, etc. super easy for the humans who have full time day jobs (the horses come to us!), while at the same time it is the best thing for our land! Doesn't get better than that!"

Dorothy Nuess (Australia)

"Jane and Stuart’s advice has revolutionised how I keep my horses and revolutionised my own lifestyle. My partner really appreciates the change as well because we are now saving money and I have more time (as well as more ‘quality time’ with my horses) - thank you so much for your wonderful advice."

Julie Marconi (USA)

"Recently I realised that my horses are more content to interact with me. Previously kept in a way that meant they continuously 'exercised' by themselves - 'great!' I thought then - now I think -'lovely!', here they are, questioning me, not for food (they still love food!) but for time together. ♥️"

Cath Watson (UK)

"What has surprised me most is … That I CAN be a grass farmer… That I can develop biodiversity and safer grass… That my ponies are able now to think for themselves and live a more natural, healthier and happier life, where they can just be."

Nikki Thomas (UK)

"Equicentral's practical solutions and sensible, well-informed advice is much needed in the equine community. I am thrilled that I can better meet my horses' needs. The bonus is I feel that I can also contribute to the bigger global picture by looking after my small corner of the planet in a more holistic way."

Alison Kingsbury (UK)

"I love how I have never once wondered what to do or how to manage my land, the poop, my horses etc. I feel so at ease! The surprise is how they just mooch into a new paddock because there was no 'shortage' in the old one! Literally! (Which saves the ground...)."

Erica Lynall Dixon (UK)

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The Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses Video Series
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First of all...

...make sure you sign up to receive our free mini-course about Horse Grazing Characteristics...


"I'm really amazed, I thought I would try the Equicentral System but was very, very sceptical as I thought turning them out on long grass would be a disaster, I couldn't imagine that they would ever voluntarily leave it to stand in the yard. Amazingly every time I've arrived in the past week they've actually been in the yard. I've watched them move from field to yard making choices as a herd and I've also enjoyed an easier life with less work. So contrary to my expectations I am loving it."

Carole Smith (UK)

"The damage/stress we cause to our horses by micro managing every aspect of their lives. It's not until you give them freedom of choice that you realise how restrictive and contrived their previous existence was. A real eye opener when they suddenly become relaxed/happy and all you've done is allow them to decide what they do and when."

Cleo Collins (UK)

"Keeping horses in this practical way has done wonders for my own wellbeing and of course theirs. I just love all the fabulous information in these books. I keep telling all of my friends about Equiculture and The Equicentral System hoping that they will take up this management system up as well - it would do wonders for property prices in the area!"

Karen Shaw (USA)

"Fabulous, just fabulous - even though I have an agricultural background I still gave in to peer pressure and kept my horses in a way that was not good for them or the land that they live on. Now I have the confidence to keep them in a way that is so different yet so intelligent all round. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jane and Stuart!"

Mimi Parker (USA)

"Biggest revelation - this system is a horse and owner stress saver, a timesaver for a full time working owner and by eliminating the fight and fear of lack of food produces content relaxed horses therefore owner!"

Sue Arwen (Australia)

"We have implemented the information in these books in our boarding stable and our clients are loving it, as are we. We are really loving the cost saving too as we are now fully fledged ‘grass farmers’."

Stacey Moon (USA)

"We are gradually but surely repairing the damage to our land, we are now mud free which is really fabulous and so much less stressful than before."

Peter Bowes (USA)

"Forget micromanagement, go Equicentral and embrace macromanagement then sit back and watch the horses thrive. It's a revelation."

April Chalklin-Costa - Puckshott Farm Livery (UK)


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